Saturday, January 09, 2010

Off to Work at Last I Go at Least for a little while

Ok, I finally got an interview and after much ado I got the job. And I am so grateful. Years ago I worked in an accounting office and prepared taxes and have somewhat kept up with the new laws as I've done my own and some of my friends and family member's taxes since then. Anyway, banking on that experience I applied for an opening for a tiny little accounting office here in town. She was a little Leary of me because the last time I did taxes for the public we did them by hand, no computers. And she's been burned before by people saying they knew what they were doing and then not even knowing what a 1040 form was or how to use a mouse. SO.......I was just honest and told her yes, it had been a while but that I just knew I could still do it. And so she's giving me a chance. It of course is just a seasonal job that will be over in April but I think it is a good stepping stone for a lot of reasons.
1. It gets me back into the work force kind of slow and easy.
2. I will meet new people which could even open doors to a permanent job.
3. If I do a good job for my boss I will now have a local person who will give me a reference because no one seems to be interest in calling my Georgia ones.
4. Preparing taxes is very good for one's mind and I need mine stimulated, lol.
And so.......I am happy and excited. Starting off at just a few days a week until tax season starts off and then away we'll go. And we won't come up for air until April 15th.