Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tonight for a moment I thought I heard coyotes. We used to hear them a lot but after the lumber company cut the woods behind me I seldom hear them and I miss that.
We once lived in a house with a corn field along side of it and the coyotes would move through it sometimes at night. Once my son and I heard a baby coyote crying and we peeked out my bedroom window and under the light of the full moon we got to see his Mama call for him. It was amazing to us, she'd call and he'd cry out and she'd call again, he was lost but finally we saw him scamper up along side of her and they ran off. My son was only three or four at the time but he remembers it still. A moment in nature that I'm glad we got to see.

Looking Back

It's Wednesday and here's some things I've learned since last Wednesday.

I LOVE Google Image Search.

Wanting to eat ice all the time could be a sign you're anemic.

You can actually grow Kewis in the area where I live.

Night time cold medicines produce really wild dreams!

Sick and Sicker

I could have easily stayed home sick today but one of my associates is much sicker than me so I sent her home. Bless her heart, she is sick with this stupid cold that has gone round and round in our store, her year old baby is sick also and doesn't sleep at night, so she is worn out. Been there, done that, so as for me, I'm on the upside, the Zicam really does keep the cold from being as bad as it can be but this is a wicked cold and it makes you feel really bad, but my congestion is nothing compared to the other girl's.
We stayed busy all day and that helps too when you don't feel all that great, makes the day go by much faster.
So, that was my Wednesday, pretty uneventful.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Smart Kid

Ok, when I was a kid and I started losing teeth I couldn't wait until night fall to put that tooth under the pillow. My little namesake is a little different. She lost her first tooth a few months back but instead of putting it under her pillow she asked her mom if she could just save it and take it for "show and tell". Her mother, rather doubtful that anyone would want to see the tooth agreed. She never took it though and when she lost her second tooth, she asked to keep it too. Her mother explained to her that if she'd put it under her pillow the Tooth Fairy would come and leave her money for it. No, she just wanted it put in the little box where she'd stored the first one. At this point she has lost four teeth and has of yet to leave one under the pillow. I have a theory she is waiting to make sure new ones really do come She doesn't want to sell those until she makes sure she's not going to need them. Or maybe she is going to put them all under the pillow at once for a big pay out! Whatever she is thinking, it is funny to me. Who knows what goes on in that sharp little mind!

Ah, Ah, Choo!

That's all I seem to be able to do lately. Yesterday I made it through the work day, left a little early and sneezed and blowed my nose until it is raw but I feel a little better today, hopefully the worst is over and I'm off today instead of my usual Wednesday, so I can get over it a little more.
I caught the special on TV last night on Oprah's opening her school and I can't get those little girls out of my mind. Through such bad times, many of them, they all still found hope in life and such strength, my goodness! I'm sorry but comparing them to the spoiled little American girls here that I encounter day to day, we come up a little short. I know we want to give our kids all we can and I'm thankful we live in a country where that is possible for some people but we are getting material things all mixed up with the gifts we need to be giving. I'm pretty sure a cell phone, an ipod, jewelry and designer clothes are not going to give them strength to face life's problems.
And on that note I recently was so proud of my son. He and his wife bought a new vehicle and an option was a DVD player for the backseat which his daughter would have loved but instead he wanted her to look out the window, look at the world, she gets enough TV and DVD's at home. I liked that and agree completely. I think as parents we've gotten into the habit of doing what's easiest, maybe we're lazy but I am so afraid it's going to bite us in the behind. I know that when both parents have to work and juggle a family it is hard not to let the TV babysit and it's easy to just buy the kid what they want, but in the end what are we teaching these kids?
Oh, well. I know the problems but know not of solutions so I'll hush for now.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Who is that person?

I was looking at some vacation pictures and noticed the other people that I don't know visiting the same place that day that got in our pics and I wonder if I'm in some body's vacation pictures and if they ever look at me and wonder who I am and what my story is. Funny.

Curiosity and the Monkey

Oops, no post yesterday. Well, it was a pretty uneventful day. I worked, business slow, a calm day, an easy day. But this morning I woke up with a cold! I believe in Zicam so I'm starting that and hopefully it will help.(Although I just read an article on Zicam being under attack here.) I've not had a cold in I don't know how long and there's still a chance maybe it's just sinus, but it feels like a cold.
I've taken a real liking and I can't really explain the attraction to "Curious George" and I watched the cartoon movie of it last night. Will Ferrell is the man in the Yellow Hat, Drew Barrymore his love interest. But I adore George. I don't know why. He's cute and well.........curious!
And the weather is stormy today, so I think I will just take it easy and not do too much and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. Happy Sunday to you all!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Everyone's a Comedian!

OK, here's my horoscope for today.

Communication with others might be difficult today, Robbin. Everyone around you could be in a rather fuzzy state of mind, with ideas very clear in their heads but no words to explain them. Letters and phone messages seem cryptic. Weird rumors and gossip could reach your ears. You may need to repeat just about everything you say at least once in order to make yourself understood. This should pass by tomorrow - so don't let it drive you crazy!

This one cracked me up so I couldn't wait to share it with my co-workers. They took great pleasure all day long by answering everything I said to them with a "huh?" or a "what did you say?" Of course I fell for it everytime and repeated myself serveral times before I'd realize they were pulling my chain! Very funny! Made for a very interesting day and the patients probably really wondered about us. I love it when you spend the day of work filled with the sound of laughter. (Even at my expense!)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Because.......

I got flowers today at work from my eldest son. And the reason? Just because. Of course there's some history connected to it and we've been through a lot the last few months and it was his way of telling me he thanks me for being there for him. Coming from this son, it's a HUGE statement and one that makes me smile and gives me hope that he's on his way to finding happiness in life. That's all I have ever wanted for him. That's all any mother wants. The flowers mean more than he can know, or maybe he does know. Either way, my mother's heart is swelled with pride and I am so thankful for both my sons. We fought many battles to just survive and it looks like all three of us just might do that.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

  My son's dog,Buddy, enjoying a day at the beach.
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I got a Raise

And a pretty darn good one too!

Thinking Back

Here's what I've learned since last Wednesday.

I don't like Quiznos.

If the paper shredder says 5 sheets, it means it!

Creamy Dijon Mustard is as good to me as mayo and a lot less calories.

People read things into your actions that are completely WRong!

Sometimes the world is just a little off axis and there's nothing you can do about it.

Seeking Mayberry

I'm not quite sure why I can't resist an episode of the Andy Griffith Show. It brings me comfort somehow, it makes me smile. There's always a lesson learned and a happy ending. I know I'm not alone in this, there is a whole cult out there, far more obsessed than me. Funny, in a world where you can see almost anything on the T.V., we still seek the comfort of this simple little tale of a good man in a small town trying to raise his son the best he can. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Wednesday Ramblings

Ok, so it's my day off but I do have to go and meet my boss for the review. That should last just an hour or so, I think. She has to meet another manager in another town so she's on a tight schedule. I'm making coffee now, waking up slowly and watching one of the morning shows. News full of Brit and Anna Nicole and nothing much else.

Cloudy here today, with some rain in the forecast I think. A good day to stay home but not gonna happen. I've not felt so good this week, but am feeling a little better today. It's the pre menopausal thing, fatigue, fuzzy brain (worse than usual)a few hot flashes, hurting joints. Just ikky feeling. Just part of the journey. I don't like it a bit. But hey! "I am WOMAN!" hear me moan, er, I mean roar!

Ah, here's a segment now on the morning show on Mother Daughter Relationships. I should listen, something is going on between me and my mother at the moment that I don't' even get. I've got to work on that, it's getting really weird. The older she gets the weirder things get between us. Who knows!

Ok, enough rambling. I'm off to cook myself some breakfast and then get ready to go meet my boss and get this over with. Happy Wednesday to you!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There are days when I'd like to run with the wind. Today was one of those days.

Review Time

My company does manager's reviews the same time every year for us all. Mine is tomorrow and though it is usually painless and includes a modest little raise in salary, it still makes me nervous. My boss is someone I've worked with for almost 13 years and I know her pretty well but still I hate it! Something about sitting there and having someone review your performance and set new goals, I don't know, I just don't like it. Plus it ruins my day off as she is coming tomorrow. Which is my day off! I'll be glad when it's over.
So anyway, that's what's up with me this week. Nothing more interesting than that.
We shall see how it goes.

Monday, February 19, 2007


My feelings are very tender and sometimes things that should hurt my feelings don't and silly things will. Today a silly thing hurt my feelings but I never want the person to know so I usually just duck out until my tears stop and they never know.
Silly I know, but just me. It's the way I've always been.
The weather is beautiful today, warm and sunshine but still a bit nippy, but Spring won't be too far off now. I'm ready for warmth.
Hope you had a good Monday.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Practising my Haiku

Your life seems playful
but such wisdom you unfold
in your eyes of old.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Secret

For months now I've run into The Secret. The marketing on this thing has been good. I'd read about it on forums, on blogs, just about everywhere. I would have bought it on the Internet months ago if I didn't have dial-up and could have actually watched it on my computer but finally I broke down and bought the book. Last week it was featured on Oprah I think and so Wal-Mart has it and in my town that's the only place you can buy a book. So I am into it. It is really something to think about, this secret of the universe. Based on the laws of attraction, the concept being things we think of are what attracts us. If that's bad things, that's what we get, if it's good things that's what we get. Whether you believe in the Universe or God, it works both ways. Their are quotes from the bible there as well as the great masters of the world. It's very interesting.
You know how you can just look into some people's eyes and see peacefulness? I think that's what we all crave, peacefulness and contentment with who we are and what we have. That's my goal.

I don't want to!


Did I mention, I don't want to go to work today?

Friday, February 16, 2007

She's Got a Ticket to Ride!

Ok, really to fly but YAY! It's official, I have my airline ticket to go to Washington in April. I can't wait to see this little face and to feel her arms around my neck.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Service needs to be reported too!

Today being the manager of a retail Optical store was not what I wanted to be. Complaints, complaints, complaints. First from the Doctor, then from customers, associates too pushy, too rude, not helpful, yada, yada, yada! Customer service is a big issue with me. I insist that my employees be nice, it has to show in their face, in their voice and in their actions but sometimes I think customers are just over sensitive. But then you never know. I can't be there all the time and I don't know what happens when I'm not but I'm tired! People sometimes expect too much or they are mad with someone else and they take it out on us. It gets hard!

Toward the end of the day a customer came up to me and told me that one of my associates was the sweetest person she'd ever met and a joy! Good timing, I needed to hear that one. She told me this right in front of the associate and I thanked her and gave her a card and asked her to call our customer service and tell them. If she'll do that my associate will be recognized for it but you know what? Hardly anyone will take the time to do that. They are quick to report bad service but not good service.

Because I know this I really try hard to contact a company when I receive what I believe to be excellent service. I try to get a name so that the person will get personal recognition for it. It helps morale, motivates the other associates and helps counter act those complaints we get when all we are really trying to do is help!

If you believe you're getting bad service, by all means complain! But just for me, please remember to let somebody know if you get good service too. It means more than you can know to those of us who serve the public.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Apparently when my grand dog wants on the couch it doesn't matter that his Daddy is already there.

Thinking Back

Since last Wednesday, these are the things I've learned:

It's not impossible to eat a salad with a spoon but it's not easy.

Throw away those panties with the bad elastic the very moment you take them off. DO NOT put them in the dirty clothes!

Don't eat food that doesn't taste delicious to you, even if it is healthy.

Sometimes when you're in a blue mood you just have to ride it out, you can't always pretend you're fine.

If you made a mistake, take the consequences like a woman and without tears. You'll respect yourself later.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My First Valentine

Every Valentine's Day I have a special memory of my father. I don't have that many special memories of him and maybe that is why this one sticks with me. It's not that he was a bad man, just a sick man. Plagued with mental illness, life with him was never easy. As a child, I walked on egg shells not to disturb him or set him off. Holidays were bad for us, at least the big ones. I hardly remember a Christmas that he didn't sink into depression or start some crap about nothing. The same with Thanksgiving and even our birthdays. But I won’t go into all that , I survived and there are kids that go through a lot worse in life than just having ruined holidays.

Ironically every Valentine's Day, without fail, he came home with two hearts of chocolate. One was big and red and was my mother's. The other one was a little smaller and pink and was for me. I saved every box long after the candy was gone. Those boxes are gone now. When my parents divorced, my mother and I had to leave in the night and didn't get to take much with us. But sometimes I wish I'd thought to take at least one of those boxes them with me. It would be perhaps physical proof that at least one day out of the year he fought off the darkness in his life and could show his love to me.

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy, wherever your spirit is. I know you really loved me and I loved you even when it was hard. You were my first Valentine and you are always in my heart.


I felt it sinking in yesterday, this blue funk of mine. No reason really for it, just something that happens and something I've learned to ride through but still I don't have to like it. A person who usually thinks positively about everybody and everything, this funk gives me mean thoughts that aren't natural to me. My nerves are on edge and everything bothers me. If I didn't have to work, I'd crawl into a hole and come out tomorrow or the next day or how ever long it lasts. Instead I'll acknowledge its presence and forge onward and ride it out the best I can. But I don't HAVE to like it!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Back in Time

I was surprised when one of the things my son had planned for us to do this weekend was to go to a Drive-In Theater. Wow! That's a blast from the past. I'd not been to one since I was 16 years old and didn't know there was one in the state of Georgia. Well there is. It's in a little town called Jesup. My son was very curious as he'd never been to one, couldn't imagine it really. It was so fun. But here's a bit of technology that's changed. I took great pride in explaining to him how he had to park close to a post, how to get the speaker and hook it on the window. And then he overheard someone asking what station to put his radio on and Lo and Behold, we can pick up the sound digitally on the radio. So the speaker goes back out so we don't have cold air coming in through the cracked window. Ummm, ok then, everything changes I guess. It was fun to watch him experience something new that had been a part of my life so many years ago.

A Perfect Weekend

I wanted, needed really, to visit my son to see for myself how he was really doing since he'd left and went back to his wife. I know he's made the decision for now to not take meds for the depression that has plagued him for some time now and that worries me. I was afraid this happiness he feels now is only another manic episode filled with grandiose ideas and plans and a lot of big talk.
What I saw is a man who is finally being honest with himself, a man who has been through a journey of darkness and is emerging a better person, a stronger person and a much gentler person. So, if the last six months helped him though this and this is the results, it was definitely worth it. Having a relationship with me is a plus. Finally getting to know me for who I am instead of through someone else's eyes has certainly helped and I can't help but think this is a positive force for him. Time will tell if he can cope with the ups and downs of life. Time will tell if he can fight depression without meds. But for now all is well, and we'll make the most of it.
So, our weekend was great. He and I had the weekend alone. His wife had left to visit her parents for the weekend. We went to a Drive-In Theater, we walked the beach and we talked and talked and just enjoyed being with each other.
I'm off today and back to work tommorrow. Bummer! I'd rather be leaving this afternoon to visit my other son. I miss him, but that won't be until April.
And so, today I will do some chores around here and relax and get ready for a new week at work. I'm tired of working. Wish I didn't have to. But oh well, enough whining for now. Hope your weekend was a good one and your new week is starting off good.


At a junk store on the side walk was this drawing, it seemed to be out of chalk but I'm not sure, it was permanant and it is of Neptune the God of the Sea I'm thinking, anyway, it looks three demensional, it was great. It was in a little town called Woodbine, Ga. Click on it to see it better. The store was closed so we couldn't find out more and the artist didn't even sign it. But it was really cool.

Also the sign at this Junk/Antique shop advertised in a very unique way.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some of us live a life full of love and happiness and very few problems, some of us search constantly for love and never seem to find it. Either way we are all fighting our own battles and no matter what happens to us, we all deserve some respect after the battle is over. Just let her rest in peace, please. My heart breaks for her little daughter.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sweetie gets a Valentine

This is my dog Sweetie and though it's not a good pic, she is sporting her brand new collar with pink hearts on it.
She and I are leaving for our little mini get-away right after I get off from work tomorrow. The weather is going to be nice though a little overcast, the day temps are going to be close to 70 degrees. We can live with that. So, I wish you all a very lovely weekend and I'll be back on Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Two Days to Go and I'm there!

Wonderfully free

Dancing and singing with joy

Waves kiss my ankles

From: Beach Haikus by Cheryl Williams

Thinking Back

Things I've learned this week:

Don't buy a can of mixed nuts if you're just going to pick out the almonds and cashews.

Don't assume no news is good news.

Don't idolize Women Astronaunts.

Don't try to read a book you are not enjoying.

Brad who????

I work with a girl that just amazes me. What amazes me is how much she isn't aware of. I've worked with her for over five years and little by little I've learned things about her that she just doesn't know. First of all let me say she is not dumb. She is in fact quite intelligent as far as learning her job and she is quite good at it. She is a single mom with two children, she has almost graduated college, she's worked her way through for a long time, she is almost thirty years old now and her life hasn't always been an easy one. She is usually a happy person. She was born and raised here in our little town and hasn't ventured out of this town too much in her lifetime. Now, all that said, here's a few examples of what I'm talking about. One day the girls and I were talking about Brad Pitt. She asks us who he is....we all laughed at her and I thought ok, well, not everybody I guess keeps up with movie stars but Brad Pitt? I couldn't believe she had never heard of him.
We have a little break room and one day I was preparing my lunch and I was baking a potato in our microwave. She happened to see me and said, "You mean you can bake a potato in the microwave?" Dah....yeah! I was talking one day about Canadian Bacon and you got it, she didn't know what that was. I finally got her to understand what that was by telling her it was the meat on an MC Donald's Egg McMuffin. "Oh, she says, I thought that was just ham."
She never tries anything new to eat that she isn't familiar with. Some of these things are yogurt, avocados, and until recently had never tasted coffee.
Forget talking about current events with her or politics. She doesn't read much, except her text books or the bible.

I kid her all the time about her head being buried in the sand and she just laughs but I guess her thoughts are probably on important things like making a living and taking care of her children and getting her degree. Her heart is made of pure gold and we all love her but goodness! I don't know how she can live in our world and not know some of these things but that's who she is and we'll keep her!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Special Group wants ME!

Ok, up until now I've not said anything about this but since I guess I can't pretend anymore or ignore it here's my confession. For the last month or so I've been getting letters from AARP. Yes, I know in May I will turn 50 but AARP is for,well, elderly people, right? I mean I thought you had to be sixty five or something, but lo and behold there it was right on the letter, "serves the needs and interests of people 50+". Alrighty then. I can become an AARP member. Joy, Joy! I can get special discounts now. I can join the ranks with (according to Wikipedia) 35 million other people. And what's more as us baby boomers keep on booming there will be 70 million of us by 2015.
Will I join AARP in May? Sure! I can go for some discounts and anyway I'm in good company. I will stand tall and be proud I made it this far. I am a grown-up now! Youth is grand but there's a lot to be said about "maturity". (I'll share more on that as I discover it, just kidding!).
Anyway, at first it's a shock when you start getting those letters but after a while you realize how lucky you are your name is on the envelope and not a headstone and there's something to be happy about.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Taco Soup Talk and Work

I had supper with my parents last night and my mom had cooked Taco Soup. It was really good, here's the recipe if you're interested. I think she probably used ground turkey or really lean ground beef and low fat cheese and sour cream to cut down the calories. It's from a Paula Dean cook book I think. And we used baked chips to serve it over so that helped. It was yummy, something different. I liked it. Good for the crock pot too.

We had a very busy day today and I'm tired. The person I used to be married to would make fun of me when I'd come home from work and say I was tired. In his mind, if you worked inside and waited on customers all day what could possibly make you tired??? Working with the public is tiring. You are an ambassador for your company, you are a problem solver, you have to know your product and you have to do this all with a smile at all times. It ain't always easy. Most days I love my job and managing the employees is the hardest part of my job. After 35 years of retail experience I pretty much got the customer service part down pat. My point is that you don't have to be doing physical labor to get tired at work. He'd really piss me off when he'd laugh at me when I came home tired. Just one of the reason's why he is the man I "used" to be married to. Anyway..........I'm off to bed soon, hope your day was a good one.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Alone with myself
The trees bend to caress me
The shade hugs my heart
- Candy Polgar

Omar Sharif

Here's what he looked like in the movie, Funny Girl. I loved him in Doctor Zhivago, one of my all time favorites. You got to give Barbra credit, she had great looking leading men.

Funny Girl

My second Barbra movie tonight, Funny Girl. Barbra was in her twenties in this movie, and once again, it ends without a happy ever after.....dang it! Did she ever make a movie with a happy ending? The leading man this time was Omar Sharif, umm. In this movie she plays the character of Fanny Brice who was a real person. She was a comedienne and had a very successful career with the Ziegfeld Follies. Barbra had also played her earlier on Broadway. Anyway, I really enjoyed it and I'm not sure I ever saw it before.
That's all I have of Barbra for now. Maybe "The Way We Were" next weekend, we'll see.


This one still doesn't show how really blue his eyes are, you'll have to get the movie to see that. He's 70 now and still looks pretty darn good.

Friday, February 02, 2007

A Star Is Born

This is what I stayed up half the night to see. I'm doing a Barbra Streisand marathon this weekend. My Gosh, I had forgotten how beautiful Kris Kristoferson goodness. I haven't seen this movie since it first came out in 1976 and it was better than I remembered. Of course a tear jerker too but sometimes you just need a good cry and a good love story does it for me. Tomorrow night it's Funny Girl. I can't remember a thing about it. Ok, I really got to sleep now! But first I'm going to try and find a picture of Kris to show you just how beautiful he was in this movie.

Just Dreamin'

I just finished my taxes. I like TaxAct, I've used it for the last few years and you can e-file and have your money ,if you're due any, in the bank usually in two weeks. How easy is that? So now I have extra money coming to me and I get to spend it in my head a thousand times, a thousand different ways but mostly what it is going to buy is an Airline ticket to see my grandchild. I can't go until April but I'm counting the days.

Next weekend I'm going to St. Simon's Island to visit my elder son. We might go to Cumberland Island and see the wild ponies there. I'd like that a lot. Or we might just walk the beach, either way it will be nice to get away or a while.

And so that's what I'm doing today, dreaming of going somewhere. Dreamin my life away. Dream, Dream, Dream, all I ever do is Dreaaaam.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Banana Fanna.......

I'm not much on Smoothies, I've tried a few and they don't do much for me but this morning this recipe was sent in a newsletter I get every week and I may try it. Sounds yummy.

Thick & Creamy Banana Caramel Smoothie

(1 smoothie: 130 calories, 1.5g fat, 220mg sodium, 27g carbs, 1.5g fiber, 7g sugars, 3g protein = 2 Points)

So smooth, creamy and delicious, it's frightening!


1/2 small banana

2 oz. 8th Continent Light Vanilla Soymilk (or another light vanilla soymilk**)

1 cup crushed ice

3 packets SPLENDA

1 JELL-O Sugar Free Pudding Snack, Dulce de Leche or Creamy Caramel

*Optional: Cool Whip Free and banana slice; for topping


Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend on high until smooth. Pour into a glass, and (if desired) top with fat-free whipped cream and banana slice. Enjoy!

Monkeying Around

I "borrowed" this from my DIL's My Space Page because bless her heart, she doesn't always remember to send me pics, ahem. It's ok Amy, you do good. But this one cracked me up and I had to share it, couldn't wait for you to send it to me.