Friday, February 02, 2007

Just Dreamin'

I just finished my taxes. I like TaxAct, I've used it for the last few years and you can e-file and have your money ,if you're due any, in the bank usually in two weeks. How easy is that? So now I have extra money coming to me and I get to spend it in my head a thousand times, a thousand different ways but mostly what it is going to buy is an Airline ticket to see my grandchild. I can't go until April but I'm counting the days.

Next weekend I'm going to St. Simon's Island to visit my elder son. We might go to Cumberland Island and see the wild ponies there. I'd like that a lot. Or we might just walk the beach, either way it will be nice to get away or a while.

And so that's what I'm doing today, dreaming of going somewhere. Dreamin my life away. Dream, Dream, Dream, all I ever do is Dreaaaam.

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