Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Special Group wants ME!

Ok, up until now I've not said anything about this but since I guess I can't pretend anymore or ignore it here's my confession. For the last month or so I've been getting letters from AARP. Yes, I know in May I will turn 50 but AARP is for,well, elderly people, right? I mean I thought you had to be sixty five or something, but lo and behold there it was right on the letter, "serves the needs and interests of people 50+". Alrighty then. I can become an AARP member. Joy, Joy! I can get special discounts now. I can join the ranks with (according to Wikipedia) 35 million other people. And what's more as us baby boomers keep on booming there will be 70 million of us by 2015.
Will I join AARP in May? Sure! I can go for some discounts and anyway I'm in good company. I will stand tall and be proud I made it this far. I am a grown-up now! Youth is grand but there's a lot to be said about "maturity". (I'll share more on that as I discover it, just kidding!).
Anyway, at first it's a shock when you start getting those letters but after a while you realize how lucky you are your name is on the envelope and not a headstone and there's something to be happy about.

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