Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brad who????

I work with a girl that just amazes me. What amazes me is how much she isn't aware of. I've worked with her for over five years and little by little I've learned things about her that she just doesn't know. First of all let me say she is not dumb. She is in fact quite intelligent as far as learning her job and she is quite good at it. She is a single mom with two children, she has almost graduated college, she's worked her way through for a long time, she is almost thirty years old now and her life hasn't always been an easy one. She is usually a happy person. She was born and raised here in our little town and hasn't ventured out of this town too much in her lifetime. Now, all that said, here's a few examples of what I'm talking about. One day the girls and I were talking about Brad Pitt. She asks us who he is....we all laughed at her and I thought ok, well, not everybody I guess keeps up with movie stars but Brad Pitt? I couldn't believe she had never heard of him.
We have a little break room and one day I was preparing my lunch and I was baking a potato in our microwave. She happened to see me and said, "You mean you can bake a potato in the microwave?" Dah....yeah! I was talking one day about Canadian Bacon and you got it, she didn't know what that was. I finally got her to understand what that was by telling her it was the meat on an MC Donald's Egg McMuffin. "Oh, she says, I thought that was just ham."
She never tries anything new to eat that she isn't familiar with. Some of these things are yogurt, avocados, and until recently had never tasted coffee.
Forget talking about current events with her or politics. She doesn't read much, except her text books or the bible.

I kid her all the time about her head being buried in the sand and she just laughs but I guess her thoughts are probably on important things like making a living and taking care of her children and getting her degree. Her heart is made of pure gold and we all love her but goodness! I don't know how she can live in our world and not know some of these things but that's who she is and we'll keep her!

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