Friday, July 28, 2006

What do I want?

Umm, that is the question here. A few years back, seven to be exact, when I moved back here, I thought this is what I wanted but now I'm restless, needing a change.
And I've noticed before that every seven years it seems change comes into my life, not always initiated, most of the time because I'm forced. So is that the reason I feel like I need a change? If indeed my life is in cycles of seven years what does that mean? At this point I feel like I'd like to pick up my life and throw it up in the air and see where the pieces fall and go from there. That's risky though because the things I'm happy with now would be scattered too and what if I couldn't recover them?
I guess I'm restless, anticipating change and maybe wanting to make a change before it comes on its own. Who knows! But the question is , Am I brave enough to make changes. And if so, what part do I want to change?
Thoughts to be pondered for today.
Off to work.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Breaking my Silence

Rough few weeks at work. This week has been extremely rough as one of my associates is on Vacation, another is dealing with a husband who at the age of 44 has had several mini strokes and they are still trying to determine the reason for that. Plus I am feeling poorly myself, afraid I'm working on kidney stones. I had a bout with those awful things when I was in my early twenties and the pain, though not as severe as I know it can get, is the same. I am having to work though since two girls are out and being the manager of the store, it falls to me. I drinking, drinking, and drinking some more. Mostly water and cranberry juice. Hopefully I can flush my kidneys out! Ok, enough said about that!!
If you want to take a look at my jewelry(and you know who you are) go here I've not been able to work on that much lately but I feel the urge. Making jewelry relaxes me greatly and I'm in need of that.
So, that is all I know for now. Really soon I hope to have time to blog more and with a little deeper thoughts. Right now I'm just trying to survive day by day.
So check back, I'm still here.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Very Quite and Very Hot

It's been very quite this week within the blog world, or at least the ones I frequent. And I can't complain as I've been very quite on mine as well but it is so darned hot!! When it gets to the point where the days are around 100 degrees and the nights hardly cool off below 90, it drains your mind. I had two completely unproductive days off, I slept a lot and made a little jewelry and watched three movies and that was about it, but I need to rest so I'm ready to face a day at work.
The rest of the summer looks bleak as I have no plans and no vacation time until the fall and work and home.
One interesting thing is that my mother on her vacation bought a book at a flea market called The Ladies From Covingon send their Love. It was written by an author called Joan Medlicott. It tickled my mom because it was about three older ladies, about her age, that left Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina. That happened to be the same journey they were taking on their vacation (my mother and stepfather) so it grabbed her attention on a few different levels. When she got home she told me about it and told me there was a sequel which we'd have to find. I got on Amazon and ordered her not one, but six more of the Ladies' adventures. My mother has fallen in love with these books and so I found Mrs. Medlicott's e-mail and emailed her. She wrote me right back, a nice email too and I forwared the e-mails, I actually got three of them, to my Mom so that made her happy. It was nice, I've written authors before and gotten no response.
And so.......for now that's all I know.
Off to work now.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Needing a day Off

In order to take my vacation as unplanned as it was, I had to go right back to work without a break from my vacation. And so today was my sixth day straight and I'm in bad need of a day off. It will come on Thursday. In fact I have two days off in a row and I'm needing that!
I had a pretty pleasant day today. Funny how our customer's attitudes and actions go in cycles. During the course of one month we seem to have a week in which everyone is happy and pleasant and they freely spend money. And then we have a week, somewhere around the full moon, in which people are nuts! Not bad nuts, just sort of goofy, a little strange, but not mean. And then we have a week in which people are MEAN. We can't do anything right, nobody can see out of their glasses, our prices are too high, they are mad before they get to us and take it out on us. It is a hard week. And then the other week we sort of get a break and we just don't have that much bussiness but they call on the phone instead of coming in. "My glasses are broken, can you fix them?"
or....."I need glasses, do I need to come in for an exam?" DAHHHHHHH! Oh well. Just part of it. Today all my customers told me how nice and sweet I was and I even got a hug from a grateful lady just traveling thru and I was able to fix her broken frames. TOMMORROW it could be a whole different story. Tommorrow they may HATE me. But I can take it, whatever. I'm tough!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Whale Dream

I'm back from my vacation and have to go to work today, regrettably. I had such a perfect vacation and magical as well. My Dream to see Orcas came true but in a much unexpected way than what I thought. First of all it was wonderful to surprise my son and to have spent the week with him and his family was wonderful. My granddaughter and I had a ball and I miss them all so much already.
Now, about the whales. We took an all day boat trip and saw the Orcas and although they were beautiful to me, it wasn't at all like I expected. I wanted forever to see them in their own enviroment out in the ocean and that I did but because it WAS a whale tour that guarunteed you saw them, that's what happened, us and about twenty other tour boats and numerous private boats that circled them and got way too close. What happened was that it felt like a three ring circus and I don't know how the orcas felt but I felt like they were trapped! I felt guilty being a part of it. My feelings surprised me more than anything, I mean I don't know what I expected. The scenery was beautiful and the trip was excellent but I just wasn't as excited as I thought I'd be seeing those beautiful animals.
I hated to say these thoughts because the people who had arranged for me to see them would have been upset I thought but after a day or so of trying to figure out my exact thoughts on the experience I finally vocalized my feelings. And because these people love me and understand me they got it. Now, all that said, here's what happened. The next day my DIL and Granddaughter went to a favorite place of her's called Point No Point. It was a small picnic area and a beach and it was a perfect day. Seeing whales was not expected or even thought about but that's just what happened......Passing through, closer than the boat tour came to them, there they come, naturally and unexpected and let me tell you it was MAGICAL. I will never forget it and it was the best experience I've ever had! dream came true better than I ever thought.
It was amazing!