Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Watch or Not Watch

What is it about this dumb show, Deal or No Deal, that makes me watch it. I always say to myself, "I'm not watching that show!" It irritates me! Yet I watch it anyway. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much. I just think that some of these people that are offered something like 200,000 bucks and turn it town and then leave with five hundred bucks are nuts!!! But then again, they came with nothing, so I guess if they are brave enough and are gamblers, shoot, go for it!
So, here I am watching it again. Ok, I admit, I've played with my cell phone and tried for the ten thousand they give away each show. So far, no luck! But I figure someone has to win it, right? What would I do with ten thousand dollars? Home Improvements I suppose. My house needs work! That would be the rational thing to do. What I'd really do is take a trip. Maybe to Italy! Maybe Greece! Or China!
Ok, a girl can dream, can't she?
Nighty night~<

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to Work Today

Going back to work today after having yesterday off. Summer is usually not the best time for selling glasses to people. They have other things on their minds like vacations, swimming, picnics. Can't say that I blame them but our company trying to help that situation throws what we call our BIG CONTACT LENS EVENT this time every year. We are busy with that now, calling people, posting signs and brochures all over town. to do that. This however is one of those days when I wish I were rich and didn't have to work. Guess I have other things on my mind this time of year as well.
Good day to all!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Why Cedar Chest of Dreams?

There's a story that has followed me through my life. It concerns a grandfather I never knew and a grandmother who did what she could to make one of his dreams come true.
My grandparents fell in love and married somewhere in the 1930's. Somehow they scraped up enough money to buy a small farm. On the property they planted, first of all, cedar trees. My grandfather told my grandmother that with one of those trees he'd make for his first granddaughter a cedar chest.
As they built their lives and had children, my mother being the firstborn, hard times fell upon them. Drought distroyed most of the crops year after year and nothing much did live on that farm except those cedar trees. Depression took over my grandfather's life and feeling very defeated, he began to drink quite heavily. Before long they lost the farm. My grandmother took a low paying job in town to help the family survive and my grandfather, after being struck by lightening and surviving, became a bitter man who drank even more heavily and finally bought some moonshine from somebody and died of alcohol poisoning.
My grandmother finished raising her children and when I was born, the first grandchild, she still had memories of the day she and my grandfather planted those cedar trees. My grandmother struggled her whole life with low paying jobs and hard times. When I graduated from highschool she presented me with a brand new cedar chest. It wasn't from my grandfather's trees but she'd scrimped and saved for years to be able to buy it for me. She told me it was his dream for me and that it was from him and her. Tears flowed for sure, and now, thirty years later that cedar chest is my most prized possession.
And that is why this is the Cedar Chest of Dreams.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Summer is in the air!

There comes a certain moment in every new season that I notice something that tells me it is indeed that season.It really has nothing to do with the calendar. In Fall the world begins to look golden, not just the trees but the color of the whole world. Winter brings a stillness and fresher air. As spring begins I feel a lightness in my soul and the desire to be outside all the time. Summer, to mne is coming when the days are hazy and long and memories of childhood flood my brain. It's really funny though because these feelings lasts only a moment, like getting a quick whiff of a smell and then it's gone. I got the summer feeling yesterday.
Summer for me as a child was wonderful. My best friend's mother ran the town pool and day after day we spent at that pool, eating frozen Reeses cups from the concession stand and drinking Dr. Peppers. The kids and I in our neighborhood played until the sun went down and then we caught lightening bugs until one by one, mothers stuck their heads out their doors and called us in. Sometimes having to threaten us as we hated to end the day of fun.
There are kids I know today that have no idea what a lightening bug is. They have bikes in their yard but seldom do they ride them. My bike was my horse, my car, my motorcycle, my spaceship! What a shame today's kids are missing that. (Now I sound just like someone of an older generation is suppose to sound.) Oh well, times change and each generation forget that I guess.
I'm having coffee and have a few hours before work. Hope work goes fast. On Sunday the store is only open for five hours so that is a good thing! Ta Ta for now!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I'm now a blogger or maybe a bloggerette?

I've read many blogs lately. Really I didn't think I'd be interested in having one myself but then all of a sudden I decided I'd try it. Although maybe nobody else will even read it, it could be fun to me. So.......we'll see. I've probably not too many interesting things to say but hey, there are times when I need to unclutter this brain of mine and so maybe this will do the trick. We shall see.
I worked today and I also have to work tommorrow, but Monday will be all mine to do with as I see fit. I'm glad about that. Ok, well this is the start of my blog. Maybe tommorrow I'll tell the story of why I chose the name "Cedar Chest of Dreams."