Friday, February 29, 2008

All is Quiet in My Little World Today

There is nothing much going on with me today. I was off but had to do my laundry which isn't very interesting. This is my whole weekend to work. I have a Dr.'s appointment on Monday and so nothing to look forward to either in the next few days.

Life goes on. Some people in my world are having a bad time. One of my work associates' mother had a stroke this week and we are concerned for her.

I have a cousin on my mind who lost her job after 21 years of service with Eckerd's Drug Stores. They have been bought out by Rite-Aide and she was a district manager who's district was dissolved and so she doesn't know what to do with herself.

Life's ups and downs. What a roller coaster sometimes!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hey Ya'll

For some reason in the last week or so I've had so many people comment on my Southern Accent. And not just people from somewhere else, even people from here, Southern people! What the heck? I don't think I'm talking any different than I've ever talked.
They've not said bad things, they've said, "I love your accent," or "you have such a sweet southern accent" or "I love to hear you talk.".................alrighty then. Even yesterday on conference call one of our managers from West Virginia commented on it............pleazzzzzzzzzzze! Have you ever heard someone from West Virginia talk?
If I stand out here, can you imagine what happens if I move to Washington state? I think I'll just shut my mouth! Ya'll have a good day because that is what I am fixin to do! (just kidding, I really don't talk like that!) DO I?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Day, Another Well Earned Dollar

Today seemed like it was just plain wild and crazy! We are pretty much short a person at work all week and BOY can you tell it! Nothing is easy, customers have been nice, and not even nutty as they can be, it just seems like we are so buried in everything. The good news is we are doing good business and selling glasses and making budget, so I really shouldn't complain, but MAN are we tired when we get home. I am and I know my co-workers are too. We go and go and don't have time to think in between customers. It makes the day go fast anyway.
On another note, our weather is crazy! We had storms this morning and when I came out of work it had gotten down right cold and very windy!
Like everyone else I am ready for Spring. I am in fact ready for anything NEW! I am so sick of the same old things, doing the same things, seeing the same things. It seems as though I can't get excited about anything much anymore. I NEED something to get me interested in life again. I am waiting for the day and it will come, I get closer and closer with each passing day.

My Horoscope for today says:

More than likely, your strong emotions are coming up against a very narrow-minded mental state that you may be harboring, Robbin. Make sure that you aren't being manipulated by other people into thinking that you need to behave a certain way. Remember that you call the shots. Try not to get overwhelmed if nothing seems to make sense at this time. Take deep breaths and calm down. Everything will work out

Great! I'm confused enough, must I come up against a narrow-minded mental state that I'm harboring? Oh well, bring it on....I can handle it!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Busy Day, a New Book, and a Tired Body

It was a busy Monday and a hard one as we were a person short at work, but pleasant enough. I am tired, overly tired but that has a lot to do with some other things going on with me that I am about to take care of, health wise. And when I get that taken care of I can move my life in the direction I want to move. But more on that later.

I bought Valerie Bertinelli's autobiography today, I couldn't resist. I am a sucker for autobiographies of famous people but more often than not am a little disappointed. Years ago before Kelsey Grammer was really all that famous I borrowed a book from the library he'd written about his life. It was great, I still remember things he wrote, his views, his way of accepting things that had happened in his life, and I was impressed. We'll see how Valerie's book goes.

And so I am winding down a little here and will probably be in bed soon.
Pleasant dreams out there.

Money, Money, Money

A couple here in Georgia won over 270 million dollars in the lottery. MY goodness! That's a lot of money. They opted for the cash pay out and will clear about a 100million after taxes. He is an iron worker, they live in a trailer. The town where they live is a tiny farming town of about 600 people. I guess their lives will certainly change. He quit his job first thing! New cars first thing, and of course a new home. I'm glad to see someone who really needs it wins it. And I hope it makes their lives easier from now on.

I fell asleep during the Oscars last night but I saw most of it. I thought all the dresses looked great this year, I didn't see anything wild or ugly. I saw lots of black but there was lots of red too.

This week is going to be challenging at work as everyone needs off for one reason or another. One person is sick, hoping she is getting better, one person has to be off for an MRI for her back which has been killing her now for weeks, one person has to be off because her mother is having a heart cath and the other person has planned vacation time. So.......we'll see how that goes. I should be able to be off on Friday instead of Wednesday but that depends. Of course if I'd played the lottery and won, I'd not be worrying about any of this........but that didn't happen.

So, here we start a brand new week. Hope your Monday and your week is a good one!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My New Boyfriend

I spent the afternoon watching the movie version of Phantom of the Opera.

And now WOW! I really love Gerald Butler. I mean really, I'm in LOVE!

Last week at work we had a discussion about peeling a banana. (Ok, we have our moments) but I had bought a bag of mini bananas and it said, "Peel from the bottom" and Steph said she had read about peeling bananas that way as that is the way they grow and you lose the strings that way and besides............that is the way monkeys do it and who but a monkey is a banana peeling expert? So.........there you go.

How to correctly peel a Banana

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Famous Bus Sightings

A while back I saw a bus in our Walmart parking lot with the name "Grace Potter and the Nocturnals" band on it. I didn't know who they were but you can read about them here and listen to them here........I noticed Blogger is featuring their blog site now here.

Today Keith Urban's bus was in the parking lot. I saw a woman walk up and knock and knock but nobody answered. He was probably not inside but I guess she wanted to see if he was and maybe he'd answer the Maybe she just wanted to welcome Nicole Kidman to the neighborhood, I don't know what she was thinking. She finally stopped and stomped off mad! People are so funny!

Our town is right off Interstate 75 which goes all the way down to Florida so maybe he had a show there.

Public Broadcasting Day for Me

It dawned on me tonight that I've developed somewhat of a routine on Saturdays when I get off work and that is funny too because I usually don't have routines. I hate routines, I love doing different things when I want to....I don't do "routines!"

Here's the deal. As I drive home I listen to "Prairie Home Companion" on public radio. When I get home, I settle in and watch Public T.V. , "Georgia Travels" which is interesting to me because it is about my own state and many places are where I've been. And then I watch "Rick Steves Europe". This is still Public T.V. and then I watch the British Comedies. ALSO on Public T.V. (Note to self, I need to donate some money to Public T.V. and Radio as soon as I can).

I usually don't cook on Saturday night, I bring something home or get something easy from the grocery. And then............I fall asleep. life is pretty boring! I've got to get out of my rut for sure!

My Hopes for Today

I'm hoping for a less chaotic day today. Our Dr. leaves early and that will help and yesterday put us over in budget for the week so we are ok there. So...a nice calm day would suit me fine. That is what I am hoping for.

I can hardly believe that February is almost history for this year. Time seems to fly to me lately. Day after day, mostly the same, and then you raise your head and POW......the months have flown by and before you know it another year has gone by.
I feel the urgency to catch some of this time in a mason jar and hide it under my bed so I'll be assured to have some left to enjoy.

Hoping your Saturday is a good one and you are enjoying your time in life and doing just what it is you've always wanted to......or at least working toward it!


Time in a Bottle

by: Jim Croce

If I could save time in a bottle

The first thing that I'd like to do

Is to save every day

Till Eternity passes away

Just to spend them with you

If I could make days last forever

If words could make wishes come true

I'd save every day like a treasure and then,

Again, I would spend them with you

But there never seems to be enough time

To do the things you want to do

Once you find them I've looked around enough to know

That you're the one I want to go Through time with

If I had a box just for wishes And dreams

that had never come true

The box would be empty Except for the memory

Of how they were answered by you

But there never seems to be enough time

To do the things you want to do

Once you find them I've looked around enough to know

That you're the one I want to go Through time with

Friday, February 22, 2008

Freaky Friday for Real

Well, let's see. My day in review. It poured rain nearly all day but after it slowed a bit we got busy busy busy and had a really good and busy day. Before that however, a man armed with a gun robbed a store up the road from us, ended up running in our Host Store (the bigger retail store in which we are located inside of.) Within minutes cops were everywhere, inside and out, looking for him. Somebody found the gun he had thrown right outside the store and as far as we know they never found him. It was a little scary.

My boss called me and that sometimes upsets me and it did today. But she doesn't call that often and I can live with it. She says I am too sensitive anyway so WHATEVER!

The closing person has the flu and so I had to close tonight, worked nine until eight but that's better than it used to be when we closed at nine. But I am totally tired and it is still raining and the sound of it on my roof should lull me right to sleep pretty soon.

And how was your day???


Someday I want to have time to make homemade Dill Pickles and Cherry Preserves!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Just a Thursday Morning Note

The full moon made our customers at work a little nuts this week already, I can't imagine what happens once a lunar eclipse is thrown in the equation. I guess I'll see today. Maybe it calmed them down and put them more in sync with the Universe or something like that.

It is suppose to be rainy, maybe even stormy here today. I'm not complaining as we need all the rain we can get for sure.

And so, off to another day of work I go, hoping for a peaceful and pleasant day. Hoping the same for you too!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Day Off

I am off today and of course I woke up at 6:45 even though I could have slept later. I can't even blame it on Sweetie, my little dog. It was all me. In fact she stayed in bed for at least another hour before she was ready to go out.

And so.....I've read blogs, had breakfast, and added a program on my sidebar called Twitter. Check it out. I saw it on some other blogs and thought it would be interesting for short thoughts and updates.

The full moon has brought out the weird and strange clan of people that usually show up during this time at work. Nothing's been easy for any of us and so the break I am getting today from that is welcome.

I'm a little jumpy today, like a cat on a hot tin roof. I hate the feeling but it is what it is and I'll live with it.

Nothing too interesting going on with me at the moment except I am slowly working on getting my life to where I want it to be.

Happy Day to you all!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Blues

It's Monday morning and it's cloudy and sort of stormy with tornado warnings all around. It is also President's Day and it could be some of those people that have a work holiday come to see us to get glasses today. That would be nice. Busy at work is always a good thing.

I am going through a rough time again with what I've oftened refered to as the "pause" in my life. I know now I need help getting through it and although the nature girl in me wanted to think I could be tough and get through this rite of passage alone without interference from the medical world, it ain't going to happen, so there! I can't really move on with my life or dreams until this is better. More on that later. In the meantime it bothers me that nothing means much to me at the moment and that is so against who I am. But as I've done before I'll ride with the tide and I'll be me again soon.

In the meantime, I hope your Monday is a great day and you find lots of JOY in as many things possible.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Belong in 1951

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

MAN! That's six years before I was even born. Oh well, nobody can say I'm ahead of my time. And truth be told I probably would be very comfortable in 1951.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you had a wonderful day and your Valentine was sweet to you.

My best friend Steph's husband left Saturday on a Mission trip to Russia but she got roses at work today from him. It brought me JOY to see her get them and especially since he thought of it before he left.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Conference Call Day X 3

It's Tuesday which means my early morning conference call. But today I am having not one, not two, but three and pretty much back to back. I always hate the regular one but three is just too much to stand.

I've had two already and the next one is in five minutes. And then I have to get ready to go to work. But at least I get to close the store at eight instead of nine and that is a BIG thing and I love it. I know it is only an hour but it makes a big difference.

And so, here's hoping you have a great Tuesday.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Afternoon Adventure

My son's phone is on my Verizon account and he broke his or lost it or something like that. He needed for me to call Verizon and have another phone that someone gave him activated. Sounds easy huh? Right.

At work we are used to dealing with AVR (automated voice response) systems as we deal with insurance companies. And when it works right, it is a good thing but every once in a while you get an AVR that has been drinking or who is hard of hearing or is just plain STUPID! This is the experience I had this afternoon.

AVR: Welcome to Verizon Wireless. Please tell me in a few words how I can help you today.

ME: I need to activate a phone.

AVR: You can pay your bill or check your balance, did you say you wanted to pay your bill?

ME: No....activate a phone.

AVR: I think you said you'd like to check your balance. Say yes or no if that is not correct.

ME: NO! I need to activate a phone.

AVR: I think you said you'd like to buy a phone. Say yes or no if that is not correct.

ME: NO! (a little louder) NO! I need to activate a phone.

AVR: I am sorry, I do not understand what you are requesting. Did you say you are having trouble calling out?

ME: NO! I need customer service please.

AVR: I am sorry, I did not understand your request, please hold for a customer service rep.

GReat, why couldn't I just talk to a real person to start with????

And then after several rings I get her sister who tells me that my call is important and will be answered by the next available agent.

Fifteen minutes later I got to speak with a real human being.
WOO! The 21st century, you got to love it!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love Sky Pictures

The thing about the sky is that it changes constantly and you can never ever capture the same picture twice. This was a pic I took at twilight one day last week. I always stand in awe at the pink and blue sky. It's a thing of beauty for sure.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My daughter "Carrie"

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, nobody could convince me that she wasn't going to be a she. This was back then we never got to know what gender we were carrying.

I already had a two year old son and in my mind, it only made sense that the universe and God would grant me what I figured would be the perfect family. One perfect little boy child and two and a half years later a perfect little girl.

I had decided years before that when I had a little girl her name would be Starla. I loved that name and it was just understood that this baby I was carrying was my daughter, Starla. The week before the due date I was reading a novel and the main character was a girl named Carrie.(And NO, not Stephen King's novel Carrie). For some reason, I fell in love with that name. This was in the 70's and it seemed such a simple name. It didn't even have a cute spelling like Kari, or Kerrie. Nope, I liked it just as it was in the novel, Carrie. The more I thought about it the more I knew that my daughter would be named Carrie.

Well, as it turned out, my daughter turned out to be a son. Don't get me wrong, I was not dissapointed, just very surprised as I had no doubt he would be a she. Turns out the universe and God knew exactly what they were doing and Matthew has been such a blessing to me and I can't imagine my life without him.

The thing is, I never got over the name Carrie. Today I had a young woman customer named Carrie and I remembered how special that name was to me. I don't know why but even though Carrie was never born to me, there's a special place in my heart for a child that never was named Carrie. was probably a good thing Matthew wasn't a girl......................bless her/his heart!!!

He might have had a much harder life as a girl. Silly BOY! He brings to me JOY today in the fact that he loves life so much and is such an awesome person and has always been such a good son!

Just me Dreamin' Again

I had a dream of seeing Orcas and it came true but this morning I dream of doing it again instead of selling glasses. That experience sent me over the moon for sure and I'd do it again. You can read about my experience here if you want. IT was really magical.

And so my body is going to work but my heart is out there with the whales. At least I have the experience to remember and that brings me lots of JOY for sure.

LOOK!'s an airplane......., it's a telephone........oh no! It's an Air Card!

I have a new toy and I'm loving it. Living out in the boonies where all I've ever had or could have is regular dial up, this little doo dad has changed my internet experience. I've had it for over a week now and I had to decide whether I like it or not and I do! No getting bumped off, I can actually download a You Tube in less than 24 hours and watch it! This country girl thinks she is downtown now! Or maybe uptown, which ever one it is they live really good!

Thank you Super Man!

What a Difference an Hour Makes

Don't freak out Amy, I am not going on haitus again, I fully intended to blog yesterday but I had a busy day and after a bite to eat and settling down to watch a movie, I was out like a light.

This is our really busy time at work. Mostly because people use their income tax money to get new glasses. And what that means is often we are busy from the time we open until after the doctor leaves. We like it, makes the day go by fast for sure. It's a short period of time. The company likes to think it goes through March but really and truly it starts to slow down the end of this month.

The really good news is that as long as I've worked with this company, our stores have stayed open until nine at night. We of course take turns and each of us only work one to two nights a week but still it's a pain. You get home so late!

The good news is, and one that brings me lots of JOY is that last night was the last night we will be doing that. Starting next week, we'll close at eight. I know it is only an hour but we are so happy about it. Of course they intend on taking away some of my payroll dollars as the whole purpose is to cut back in a some what slow economy but it is nice to work for a company that does that instead of laying people off and that brings me JOY too!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

People, Happy People

JOY today in the fact that as far as I could tell every patient we had today left with a smile on his or her face. We were super busy but we managed to help everyone timely and pleasantly. Somedays that is a real challenge. Today it came pretty easy and it feels good.

Just Rambling

As I have my dose of coffee and TV news this morning, terrible destruction by tornadoes and Britney on the loose again, I could sure close my eyes and take another doze but I must go to work.

I can't believe it is Thursday already. To me the week has flown by. It is time for my store's paperwork to be audited. I always dread this as our company has strict rules and I never score too well. I hate paperwork and although our deposits are always made on time, we might not have each paper signed in the right place or we might be missing a certain form and that always kills us. We've a pretty good idea last months work will be audited and I've gone over and over it and had my associates do the same and so I think we are ready. I was thinking my boss might pop in today to do it but then again, you never know about her. I wish she would so we could get it over with.

After a gray and rainy day yesterday, the sun is brightly shining this morning and that is nice to see. And now my coffee cup is empty and the clock is ticking and as much as I hate to disturb my little dog who is comfortably curled up on my lap, we must start our day. Wishing you a happy day if you're reading my ramblings and we'll see what JOY I can find today! I hope you find your own.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Laundromat Observation

She came in lugging 4 big green garbage bags of what must have been all of her family's dirty laundry for the week.

Her eyes never met mine, and she never once smiled. She filled four of the big heavy duty machines with the clothes, she added the detergent and dragged a chair right in front of the machines and stared into the sudsy swirl of clothes as the machines did their jobs.

I couldn't help but wonder if she was dreaming of what her life could have been. She was in her thirties, looked tired, looked miserable. I imagined she hated having to be there and hated doing this.

But then I thought maybe it was a relief to be out of the house and away from what must be a house full of kids. I tried to read her thoughts as she sat, staring at the washing machine but I got no clue. Maybe she had no thoughts at all. Or maybe she was just at peace doing her family's laundry.

What do I know?

My JOY today? That I didn't have half as many clothes to wash as she did and now I have all clean clothes!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Waitress"...A Quick Movie Review

I watched this last week and loved it. If you like indie movies that are just a little different, sort of funny on the dark side, with a happy ending, here you go.

Oh, and an interesting but sad tidbit, the woman who wrote, directed and starred in the movie, Adrienne Shelly, was murdered right before the movie came out. You might remember hearing about it when it happened. You can read more about it here if you're interested. Very sad because she was very talented.

Note to Self

If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.

~Author Unknown

A Kindred Spirit

JOY today came in meeting a lady who shares my love of gemstones and jewelry making. It's nice to talk to someone who "gets" it. And she did. We had a nice chat and she's coming back to share some of her work with me. I look forward to it.

Everyone has a Story if you have time to Listen

You know sometimes, even though you spend a lot of time with the people you work with, you never really have enough time to just talk to them. I mean you get snips and pieces of things but that's about it. Steph is my assistant manager and best friend but she is involved with her family now and her church and she and I have no time except at work. I'd love to have time to hear about what is going on with her, to share with her the computer games I've discovered, to share with her what is going on with me, but there is just not time.

Vicki lives a busy life as a working single mother and has a 12 year old and a two year old and there are always lively stories she has to tell, but we never get to talk. She would love to pose for pictures wearing jewelry I've made and I'd love for her to, but we have to work, no time.

Loni has a new grandchild and her son is getting married soon and I'd love to listen to her stories but never enough time. Just bits and pieces.

Kathleen worked as a singer in Atlanta in the 70's and boy does she have stories to tell, all of which I'd love to hear but we have no time, we are at work.

Dr. P lived in Oregon in his younger days and he tells of finding geodes during a rock hunt and gathering them up and crushing them to find a few with gemstones. Oh how'd I would love to hear more of that and about the time he lived in Jamaca but I just know a little of this and a little of that, never the whole story.

And time marches on.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

For the Sake of Amy

My DIL, sweet Amy, has missed me this week and has reminded me that it's been a week since my last post.

And it is true, I've ignored my blog this week. I have a few valid reasons. MY mama taught me if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. So that was one reason. Another reason is that I am dealing with things with my son that are painful and what I guess you'd call Tough Love. I am in no way tough but I do love him. We'll see how that goes.

I also am fighting with myself about making an appointment to see a doctor. I have some problems related to my age and this "pause" in my life that I must take care of before I can move on with my life and I cannot make myself make the appointment which is a whole story within itself and then last but not least on Wednesday I woke up with a cold that has knocked me off my butt. I have managed to work, it helped that I had two days off this work and I am off today. So maybe I can kick it out of my system.

So you see Amy, nothing very interesting except the same ole thing. I have got to muster up the courage to make the appointment with the doctor this week. I can't move on until I do, and I am so ready to move on.

I promise to get back to myself soon Amy. And JOY came to me everyday that I missed just in the fact that you missed me. It's nice to be missed.