Monday, July 06, 2009

Hello There

I have to admit that I've fallen victim to Facebook and in doing so my blog suffers. Although I don't post so much there, it is easy to keep up with my family and friends there and I always have a Scrabble game going and I play a couple of other games there that takes up time that I probably used to use on my blog. Also it is easy to just put a short status on the Facebook page instead of writing a post on the blog. But tis the way of the world I guess, it is constantly changing and we are always moving on to something different.
I'm not going to give up the blog just yet but recently my heart has just not been into it and you know how that goes.
Tomorrow Haleigh and Amy leave for their two week vacation to Georgia. I am going to so miss them. Haleigh has become my shadow since school has let out. Yesterday she and I beached combed and found lots of good stuff to look at and to bring back home with us. AND then she painted my nails. Florescent green with hot pink tips and a pink polka dot on each one!

Too funny. She is so much fun. And for now I'm soaking up all the time I can get because in a few years she won't have too much time for me I know.
AND my biggest best news is that in a little over a week my friend Tammy that I've not met in person is coming to visit family here in my town and she and I will get to spend time together and I am so so so excited! I can't wait. Tammy has been my inspiration and I met her here when I needed her the most. She was with me through the chemo and the grieving. Once she had my phone number she'd call me just when I was needing to hear from someone. She made me know how strong I was, she shared her own thoughts and feelings with me, she was just there for me when other people weren't. And so meeting her is going to be so wonderful because at last I can give her that hug I've been wanting to for a year now!


Tammy said...

Now you made me cry! Sniff, sniff. Meeting YOU has been more inspiring because my warrior friend you were hit with both barrels and survived. Not just survived but thrived. We will be together while I keep surviving and we thrive together.

Love you!

PS This post had not reached bloglines yet and I was thinking why did she need me to read the truck post. lol

Mary Timme said...

How neat that you get to meet one another. That is so wonderful! So, we need to go to face book is that it? Just asking.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Mary, I'll still post here so no need to move to Facebook to keep up with me just yet.

Memaw's memories said...

You guys will have such fun. Isn't it wonderful to have made so many friends via this internet thingee?

And I have to admit, I, too, have a facebook account. Just don't know too much about how to use it yet.

Aisling said...

How great that you get to meet Tammy. Last year I got to meet a friend that I have known only online through book discussion groups since about 1996. It was really wonderful to spend an afternoon with her. Enjoy your time together.


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