Sunday, December 27, 2009

I've decided I like nothing better than the sound of the crunch of the frost as I walk across the grass in the park. Much to my dismay, no snow yet. But I'm still hoping it will come soon.
I hope you had a very nice Christmas. We did and all I can say is to finally be able to spend Christmas and Birthday with my Granddaughter has been the best gift I could ever get.
Things I've learned from my granddaughter since I've arrived have been numerous but right off the top of my head are these two little tidbits.
Just when you think you've lost all the joy and magic of Christmas, see it through a child's eyes. Even though every year more and more of her little friends tell her that Santa is not real, she is just not ready to give it up and her belief is so strong that a few times I thought I heard Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. Never stop believing because if you do you become a bitter person.
The other thing is this. Haleigh's Birthday is Decemeber 26th and I always hated that for her. I felt like she'd always get cheated on her birthday but here's the thing I've learned. She is not upset about it at all, instead it is a wonderful thing for her because when Christmas is over for everyone else she still has the day after to look forward to. It is just a continuation of her joy and that just blew me away. And I love that about her.

So, there you have it, my thoughts for the holidays, but wait, we're not done yet. We still have the New Year to look forward to, don't we?
Love to you,
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Aisling said...


Merry Christmas to you. I so admire Haleigh's bright spirit. My son, whose birthday is that same day, shares her enthusiasm. Three days in a row of joyous celebration!

Marge said...

My daughter Gail's birthday is the 23rd. I'm going to tell her Haleigh's idea, only tell her that we're celebrating her birthday three days in a row! She wouldn't mind sharing the celebration with Jesus!

What a fancy new look to your blog, Robbin! Hope this means you'll be around more often! We leave tomorrow for Texas, so I hope to have lots of travel photos for you. Thanks for the lovely e-card! I do have Christmas cards coming......they're just going to be late!

Love ya dear friend,

Anonymous said...

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