Monday, November 22, 2010

My Very First Ever Snow Day

  We've been hit with a really early winter storm.  In fact as I sit here at 4:30 in the afternoon the temp is 27 degrees and snow covers everything.  I did everyone a favor today and stayed off the roads.  I missed work.  And I'll probably miss tomorrow too.  It can't be helped.  But I've gotten such a kick out of watching the snow today.  It is dry fluffy snow for now and pretty as can be.  I watched amazed as people sledded down the street I live on.  I laughed at Sweetie who couldn't quite figure out what in the world all that white stuff was.   
   And...........I'm very close to getting my own store.  I was offered one today but it is a bit too far from me and much to my surprise she said she had a back up plan for me so she is working on that.  If that works out, my commute could be cut in half and I'd love that for sure! 
  The wind is blowing like crazy right now and it looks like a blizzard to me!


Marge said...

Snow days are fun sometimes! I should have taken one yesterday as everything was ice covered, but hey, I needed to go to the quilt shop for some fabric!

Besides, us Minnesotans are used to it!

Robbin said...

You're a Brave woman!