Thursday, November 25, 2010

An Exciting Week for Me

   I've had quite an interesting week.  First of all I guess I'm what you'd call  a "Fair Weather" employee since I've not been to work since Sunday.  Well, I was officially off yesterday and today but because of our Early Winter Storm, I had an extended holiday.  But I was also going to have the weekend off but since I lost so much time I feel obligated to work on Saturday since it was offered to me.  Our temps got way way down in the teens but today it has steadily warmed up and tomorrow things should be almost normal.  At any rate, I'm proud I survived our first storm and was able to stay home.  Next time I may not be so lucky but we'll not worry about that now.
   The next thing that happened this week makes me very happy.  I did well on the career assessment test and the District manager has found a store for me to manage and the commute is half what I'm doing now.  Like Matthew said earlier tonight, it is the best case scenario. I get more money and drive less, in fact it is the very closest store there is at this time to where I live. I'm not sure yet when it takes effect, really soon I think.  This is such a big  deal for me. 
   IT'S been such a long journey for me to feel somewhat like myself again.  The job helps and the fact that it is a company I'm familiar with makes it all the better.  I've worked some crappy hours, made pretty crappy pay, and drove all those miles but was so grateful to be back to work.  And now I'm not far from being where I was before.  I've never regretted quiting my job, I had to do that.  I wasn't able to work, at least not mentally.  IT was the right thing to do at the time and I'm so grateful to Matthew for allowing me to be able to do that. 
Anyway, I'm rambling now but I am very happy and thankful this Thanksgiving night.  I only hate that I don't get to go with the kids to cut a Christmas Tree! 


Marge said...

Ohhhhhh! I'm so happy for you and so proud of you! Your own store.... good for you! More money and less miles sounds like a winning combination to me! What a blessing your Matthew has been to you to help you get your life back. Now there is only one thing left for you to do. You have to learn to drive in the snow! You can do it!

Happy Thanksgiving blessings to you!

Aisling said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going your way. Good news! :)

Robbin said...

Funny Marge, we'll see how that goes, lol.
Hi Aisling, glad to see you, I'm so glad too! Hope you are well.

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