Sunday, December 05, 2010

Reason number 564.......

.........why I'm so excited to start work in my new store tomorrow.  Friday night it took me two hours to get home and last night an hour and a half.  Time it takes to get home from my new store...40 minutes tops as long as traffic is moving.  The highway I will take is not a big major freeway like I've been having to take so I'm very happy.
   My life has moved so fast lately, there's been much to tell but no time or energy to blog.  Now that I'm working a little closer it could be I have more time of my own to do the things I love to do.  Ok, you know I always am interested in the towns I work in and so I'm now working in Tacoma.  And I'm always interested in who was born or buried in each town.  There are numerous famous sports people who I've not a clue who they are but also Bing Crosby, Blair Underwood, and Dyan Cannon were all born in Tacoma.
   Also the lady which the movie Tug Boat Annie is about was a real person born there and her company Foss Tugboat is still going strong. 
   The city has 200,000 people.  But oddly enough the store that I'm taking over is not a high volume store at all.  Not sure why, hope I can get a customer base.  We have other stores in the city also and none of them do that great!
   On a good day one can spot a killer view of Mt. Rainier.  There's an amazing Glass museum which Amy and Haleigh and I have visited.  ALL in all I'm excited to be there.
  The bad news is for the next two weeks I have limited help, my one major employee is taking not one but two weeks of vacation.  Great timing.  And so I'm pretty much on my own to start with.  I'm sure that will not impress the Dr. but I'm lucky that they share Dr.'s with other stores and I know one of them, he was the Dr. I worked with in Lacey. 
     The kids went and cut their Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and bought me  a cute little one which still sits over there not decorated.  I think Haleigh is coming to decorate it for me one day this week when I get off early.  I have no day off.  But I'm hoping to be off next Sunday.
   And last but not least Haleigh performed in her annual Nutcracker this afternoon and she was just beautiful.  This year her mom had a part too.  Matthew and I stayed until after their scenes and then we snuck away and had dinner together and watched the Falcons play Tampa Bay. 
   And last but not least, I killed my poor car with all the miles I've put it through for the past month.  It was a 1999 Chevy and I've replaced him with a cute little 2001 Mitsubishi that is named "Mitzi".  We hope she's a good girl even though you never know with used cars.  At least I'll only travel around 70 miles a day instead of 112 miles a day, thanks to my promotion.
   So, that's all my news I'm thinking.   Life is good.  For that I'm happy and thankful.
Have a good week! Love,

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