Thursday, October 29, 2009

At Last

At last I have a real bonafide interview! I am beside myself with excitement. It was an ad for an optician that I answered by fax a few weeks ago. I believe it is only part time with the opportunity to go full time and that is ok by me for now. I need benefits and all that but we'll take one step at the time since it has been so hard to even get asked for an interview. Times are hard and competition. Of course if somebody will give me a chance I can show them just how wonderful I am. (I'm trying to keep my confidence up which I've misplaced in the last year or so.)
SO we'll see if this is meant to be.

If you've not figured it out so far, I'm trying to title each of my posts after a song. So far it's been pretty easy. And just recently I've become a real Etta James fan so At Last was in my head. It's because I watched the movie Cadillac Records the other night.


Marge said...

Legs crossed, fingers crossed, eyes crossed......oh forget it. I'll just pray that the interview goes well and they beg you to please come work for them! Keep us informed.

Aisling said...

Best wishes for a good interview. Your experience in that field should count for a lot. I like the confidence I read in your post... so just let that shine through!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

thanks you both.