Thursday, November 12, 2009


Tomorrow will be two weeks since I had that one interview and I've not heard anything so I suppose I'm not getting a call back. And although I need a job badly, I didn't have all that good of vibes with that place so probably it is just not the job for me. So, I need some more leads.

I've had the hardest time for the last few months. I do not regret my move, I am exactly where I want to be. I am beginning to wish maybe I had transferred instead of just quitting my job, although at the time, I needed a break. I couldn't transfer and still live close to my family so that is why I didn't and like I said, at the time I really needed a break from working. But now I need a life. I have no place to be, no friends, nothing much of my own. I think I am slowly losing my mind.

Is there no place for me? Can I be happy? I guess only the future will tell.

On the bright side Haleigh and I have Saturday night together since her parents have plans and this is what I've wanted for so long, to be able to just spend time with her. I think we'll have a rummy tournament and h'orderves! So there, I have that to look forward to and that is a LOT!

Sorry for the depressing post, just feeling a little lost at the moment. I know things will work out just as they are suppose to, this is not my first experience with being lost. Seems to be the theme of my life.


Marge said...

Well, my dear friend, I am your friend so you have at least one! I have been praying for you to find a job, and I will continue to do so. And I will add to it a prayer for you not to feel so lost. I wish I lived closer to you so I could come and give you a hug in person, but for now, here's a huge cyber hug. Take care of yourself, please. You are loved!

The_Gertster said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers,,,,I KNOW you are ready to have a job,,,,,ready to get out there in the world,,,,but maybe it really just isnt the right time!?!?

Aisling said...

Robbin, Is there a club or organization you could join in while waiting for the right job to come along? Could you volunteer somewhere or join a book club? I wish I could help out.

Hang in there, friend!


Memaw's memories said...

You may not have any friends that can meet you for coffee, or take a walk with you, of just chat on the phone, but you have many friends.

Friends that have been on this journey with you for the past couple of years. We've cried with you, we've laughed with you, and most importantly, we've prayed for you.

You make beautiful jewelry, find a shop that caters to that and maybe offer to teach a class. Or participate in one. Take a knitting class.

Hope things perk up soon.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks everybody, sorry for such a pitiful post. Just needed to vent I guess. Love you all very much and know you are my friends for sure.

Anonymous said...

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