Thursday, November 05, 2009

News from Lake Webogan

Ok, really from Cordele Ga. but it sounded a lot like a Garrison Keillor story from A Prarie Home Companion show.
Today is my mother's 72 birthday so a call was in order. I'd gotten an email earlier informing me to call her on her cell phone as she wasn't at home and in the email she told me exactly what time to call her because my stepfather would be taking her out for dinner since I wasn't there to cook her birthday meal or her cake. And she said, "I guess that's my fault for having one child so boohooboohoo." That made me feel, ah, I'm not sure how that made me feel. I've often wished she'd had another child as well to take some of the pressure off of me.

My Aunt Betty who is unemployed and only lives on her social security is taking her to lunch today only she can't afford to pay for my mother's lunch so she'll have to pay for her own.

We talked a minute about my job hunting and I was told that my cousin who had gotten fired earlier from her job because her little son had used her work lap top had just landed a job with Walmart making 60 thousand as an assistant manager. I'm happy for her, she supports her family, her husband has always been the house husband, (she likes it that way). Anyway she has to dress up for work and wear dress shoes and her feet were hurting and who knows how long that will last.

My mother over sees a KOA campground and had to fire the family that worked for her there so she'd taken up the slack but she's hired some people. She asked for prayers at church for employees so one woman's granddaughter's husband needed a job and then another lady had a daughter who is working. My mother loves them both, which she always does love the new people she hires........for about two weeks. We'll see how this goes.

And it goes on and on. 72 years old and going strong. She is really amazing. And that's the news from home.
Happy Birthday Mama.


Memaw's memories said...

Happy birthday to your Mama. You are fortunate to be able to talk to yours.

I'm still praying for a job for you, and we got you through cancer with prayer, so this will work too.

Have a good day.

Marge said...

I was wondering how things were going with your mom since you "left" her. Sounds like she's a strong feisty woman! (Now we know where you got that!) I wish her a happy birthday.

And on going wishes and prayers on the job situation. Have you heard back from anyone?

Do you listen to Garrison Keillor? Prairie Home is taped in St. Paul, only about 80 miles from here. We love listening to his show. The funny thing is, he is right on in his descriptions of Minnesotans and Lutherans! We women really are strong, the men are good looking, and all our children are above average!!!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Shirley, when the it is time it will be time I guess, it is how I'm looking at it, and yes ma'am, your prayers did get me through that big ole Cancer and I'm so appreciative.
Keep those prayers coming.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Marge, I wish I had her spunk! And no, I've heard back from no one. And yes, I used to listen to the show all the time, I'd catch it in the car on the way home from work but since I've been here I haven't heard it. I am a true fan!