Thursday, May 06, 2010

53 & 1 Day Old

Yesterday was my birthday. Three years ago I was really worried about turning 50 but now I'm used to being in my fifties. I'm an old hand at it you see. I'm a woman in my fifties. I can say that without cringing or anything. The sad thing is I feel all grown up. I don't think I ever felt all grown up until I turned 50. That's not entirely true. That little girl in me shows up every now and then, she's still there.
I got scented candles and a book and some dark chocolates. All my favorite things. I got bath stuff from my mother. I love that too. And we had chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing so I had a nice day.
If I can make it through the month of May I can make it through anything, so I'm on my way.
And of course I'm back to seriously looking for work which is not easy. But I have faith, something will come up, I just know it. I am due for something really wonderful and spectacular to happen so I am counting on it. I've been waiting a long time. I'm ready.

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Marge said...

Happy, happy birthday dear friend! I hope you had a wonderful day...... and from the sounds of the chocolate, it must have been a great day! I know this month is a rough one for you, and I will keep you in the front of my thoughts and prayers.

And good luck with the job hunt. You are still a spring chicken at only 53, so I would think places would be fighting to hire you, a smart, young but yet mature woman! Let us know when you find something!