Monday, May 03, 2010

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

I had to go to the post office today to mail a mother's day package. Also to the drug store to pick up a Rx and then to the bank. On the way back I found a little park that I'd been to once before and sat by the water (in my car, it is still cold here) and read for a while. It is windy today but bright and sunny and the water was pretty as it waved and shimmered. It was nice.

We are having sloppy joes for dinner. We make our own sauce to try and reduce the sodium and we use turkey meat so maybe we are having Sloppy Janes. Either way, they are easy to make and Haleigh gets veggies she just doesn't know because we use low sodium V-8 Juice in them.

It is still so COLD here. I've been patient but I am now ready for warm weather. Right now, please. Seems like my feet and hands are always so cold! Last year I think it was warmer earlier.

May used to be my favorite month, not so much anymore. Did I already say that in a previous post? Sorry to repeat myself if I did.

I've read three books in the last two weeks and that is the most I've read in quite awhile. I'm glad as I've always gotten so much pleasure from reading. It would be nice to be able to read again so maybe this will be a lasting trend.

Amy has finished her show last weekend and will take a break for a little while I think. She did back to back shows and her voice about wore out.

Matthew has rediscovered The A Team, a TV show from his childhood and watches episodes almost nightly. Brings back memories for me when two little boys loved it.

Haleigh starts her rehearsals soon for her play. And we soon have a dance recital to attend and the end of school musical they do every year.

And that's the news here.


Marge said...

What books are you reading? Anything you can recommend? I went to a wonderful book sale on Friday, and behaved myself so well, only buying six! Books are my friends, and my bookcases overflow but I just hate to part with them. Have you read any Jon Hassler books? He is a wonderful writer, from Minnesota, and I think you would enjoy his books.

We had a nice warm April, but May has started out much cooler. Weird weather happenings aren't there. I know you used to love May, and maybe one day you again will.

Take care of yourself. It's so good to have you back blogging! I missed you!


HappyLife101 said...

My girlfriend and I went to the bookstore Saturday - my goal was just to buy a baby book for Jack - I walked out spending almost $100!!! I have so many books here at home I haven't read yet (they're on my waiting list) but I just can't resist books!! :)

And Dave has also rediscovered the A-Team! He's so excited!! We have a picture on our wall - he's about 7, looks like he's holding up the A-Team van! (LOL) So cute!

Tammy Brierly said...

Glad you are reading/blogging again. I know what May does to you as best I can, but any birthday plans? All be calling to sing. ;) Love you