Friday, April 30, 2010

I joined an online group for parents of suicide victims. I'm not sure it is the place for me. I'm still reading through some of the posts and it is a little assuring that people have the same thoughts as me mostly. But instead of making me feel better, it really kind of depresses me more , I don't think I like it.

This weekend is Amy's last weekend to do "Cabaret". Her voice is about gone because the singing in this one is BIG and Brassy and she did do back to back shows. She went to the Dr. and he gave her pills to help protect her vocal chords so they won't be damaged.
It will seem strange to have her home on weekends, she's been doing this since Jan. I think, at least that is when she started rehearsals. She has had a good time but it will be good for her to
rest up.

Nothing much else going on, I have no big weekend plans. Last weekend I went to Seattle to a theater called The Fifth Avenue to see a play called "On the Town ". It was fun.
Happy Weekend!

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Tammy Brierly said...

Glad it ended up fun. I'll be seeing you this summer. HUG