Wednesday, November 19, 2008

THE Marie Antoinette Award

I woke up this morning to find a blog award to me from Linda over at Vulture Peak Muse . It is an award for speaking your truth with sincerity and integrity and Linda awarded it to me for speaking the truth of my cancer journey. Thank you Linda! I am honored and I hope if someone else faces this battle and they search for others like I did, they will land here and know they can get through it, even dealing with other problems as well. I too seem to choose blogs of people who are honest and truthful about their lives and I think all on my blog list do that as well.
Linda is a talented artist and if you've not ever visited, please do. She faces challenges as well and shares all of it with truth and her honest feelings, and her heart is big as Texas. She has never failed to encourage me and share her feelings and thoughts with me. Thank you Linda.
I'm not going to award it to any one person, but if you'd like it or like to share it with someone you know, please do.

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