Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What I Think

I can't help it, I cry when I see the pride and the awe in the elderly Black American citizens as they witness the fact that they lived to see a black president elect. Not that many years ago, black people couldn't vote. Not that many years ago, in a society that I can't fathom only I did live in, black people couldn't go into many public places. People gave their lives for civil rights, some gave blood, innocent children died and just because of the color of someones skin they weren't treated equally. NOT that long ago. How proud I am to live in a country that voted for who they thought would do the best job but if I were a black American how double proud I'd be walking today and how I pray with all my heart of our new President's safety for although we've come a long way in our country and are far removed from those barbaric times, there are still crazy people walking around.
We shall see what changes are to come and I hope he can accomplish great things. Its been a long time since we've had a president that accomplished great things. I'm hoping. And not too far off in the future maybe a woman will be added to that list of presidents. And I'm all for that!
Have a good day.

Note to Marge, all morning I've tried to leave a comment on your blog but it won't let me so if you read this I just wanted to say your daughter is in my prayers and so are you! Love you!


Aisling said...


It is amazing. This is truly a story of the triumph of the human spirit. I keep tearing up as I think of it.

love and hugs to you,

Sage said...


Lisa J also told me that she was having problems, so I will go back and remove the changes I had made. It works for some, but I certainly don't want to leave you out! I'll fix it today and let me know if it goes back to working.

I, too, am so proud of our country. I did not vote for Obama, but as of today I am 100% behind him and will support him as OUR president. After all, we are the UNITED States of America. God bless Obama and all of us.

GreenishLady said...

I've been away a while, and have missed you. Hope all is well.

You can be proud of your country, so proud of what your people have done for the world. ... Walking on a school corridor today, I overheard a mixed-race girl comment to her friend ..."I like his name... Barak Obama...", and she said it with such pleasure, relishing the sound of it, out of her African heritage. It was just one of the lovely moments on this side of the world.

A great day.

Me Maw said...

I too am hoping that Obama can accomplish good things! He has a big job ahead of him.

He has my prayers and support.

MrsClare08 said...

I too hope someday to see a woman in the white house. How proud I will be as a woman! I know A LOT of folks have a problem with Obama, but what can be done now? We have to move on and look to the future. Pray our economy gets the help it needs! And yes, pray for his safety. There are too many crazies out there against other races! I'm a little excited to see what the future holds. Hope it's all good! :)

linda said...

I just sat and wept...I posted today my feelings about the election of Obama, so very inspiring.

And you seem to be feeling a bit better, no pokes? I hope so and yes, you do need to give yourself the time and space to heal from the trauma of all this. Take all the time you need as you so deserve it.