Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Daylily Journal

The bad thing about my mother leaving this week to go on a three week vacation is that she will miss the blooming of her beloved Daylilies. So, I've decided to try to capture each new color that blooms so she can at least see how pretty they were. This one takes my breath away. It is just perfect and the color is to die for.

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Meg said...

OMG! That is absolutely lovely! Is there anyway that you could make something special for her with the pictures? I bet she'd love that, even something simple would be so cool with those beautiful flowers.


Aisling said...

What a gorgoues flower, and what a great photo you took of it!

GreenishLady said...

Beautiful! I have just one colour of daylily (a deep red) but there isn't even a bud to see yet. I wandered over from the Quiet Country House, and haven't read much except this and your previous post. Why, why would wanting to see the world a bit be crazy? I think given that you've raised 2 kids and are heading into that 5th decade, you're entitled to think about doing whatever calls you. I'm just started on my 6th decade (Oh, gosh!), and enjoying travelling like never before! Go for it!