Tuesday, April 17, 2007

His Journey Continues

As a parent when you are raising your children, all you really want is to prepare the child to survive. You hope along with the ability to survive, they will find much happiness. You hope you've given them the tools to handle life's ups and downs. If you can accomplish anything close to this, you feel as if maybe you've done your job.
I wonder if I'm allowed to have a do over? Can my child, after being out in the world for more than ten years come back home, wipe his slate clean and let me try again? Of course I know the answer to this. He is not a child anymore. He's a grown man.
No matter how grown a child is, he is still your child and so he will come back home. He'll lick his wounds, I'll listen to him as he tells me how unfair life is to him and I'll offer whatever words of comfort I can. And all I can hope is he'll move forward and realize you can't just blame life for all that is wrong. I thought he had started this journey a while back, but he took a detour. Perhaps he is ready to continue now, and I hope I can help just by being here. Maybe now, at last he can grow up.

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