Friday, April 13, 2007

Off to Work I Go!

Back to the real world today. We have inventory this weekend and I have a meeting to get ready for that we are having in a few weeks. Lots to keep me busy for a while.

My mother was busy all day yesterday so I didn't get to see her, I wanted to share the pictures of my vacation with her and tell her all about what we did but she is not really interested. The truth is, if it doesn't involve her, she really is not interested. But, OH well, that is just her and nothing much I can do about it. She doesn't "get" me and I guess I don't get her either.

I'm still a little off time wise. You wouldn't think three hours would make that much of a difference but it does on this end. I didn't really sleep much at all last night. It was four o'clock before I slept at all.

You know how I've been worried about my birthday and that big scary number coming up? Well, it is approaching fast. It was funny at some point I mentioned to my granddaughter that she had to go easy on me because I was getting "old" and she said, "You're not old Grandma!" Yep, like I said, sometimes a six year old really does know best.

Anyhow.......back to work I go. I'm trying to get into the mood but it ain't happening.

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