Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fading Away

I noticed yesterday that the Dogwood trees are quickly losing their blooms and before long the white burst of beauty will be gone. They've been lovely this year, I'm going to miss them.

There is a place I pass on my way home every day where there used to be a house but has long ago been torn down . On the lot remains the trees and shrubs the homeowners had planted years ago.

It seems, especially a long time ago, to be a common thing to plant Azaleas around the Dogwoods. If they happened to bloom at the same time in the early spring it was a beautiful thing. On the lot I pass each day there is a big Dogwood that has bloomed in all its glory and below are ruby red Azaleas and its been quite a sight. But there is a time for everything and yesterday I noticed the blooms were looking a little sad.

I hate to not have the pleasure of seeing that sight any longer but pretty soon the fields will turn green with grain and corn stalks will poke up and I'll notice other gifts of Nature. The cycle of life will keep right on doing what it is suppose to do. And that's quite alright with me, even if I am a little reluctant to let go of the beauty of Dogwood Trees and Azaleas as they fade away until next year.
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amy said...

Okay, I'm actually commenting on your "twitter" posts. I have almost bought The Doctor's Wife FOUR TIMES! So hang on to it for me! LOL Also, we loved Enchanted. I took Haleigh to see it at the theatre and of course we had to buy it as soon as it came out. I didn't mind watching McDreamy through the whole thing, either. :-)
AND, I am dying to know what you thought of Atonement because I can't decide if I want to watch it or not!