Sunday, April 06, 2008

My Mother is Thrilled

The other day when I was off and took the pictures of my mother's yard she was showing me a picture printed in the local paper of a yard in the community. "My yard is just as pretty or prettier as this one!" she says. And it was so. I suggested we send in a picture of her flowers and she says, "They won't print it!"

So I sent in one of the pictures I took of her yard regardless of her negativity and it was printed in today's paper. She is so proud. My stepfather says she is calling everyone she knows to tell them about it. Funny to me that it brings her so much pleasure.
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Shirley said...

I'm happy for your mom. The picture is beautiful. She's obviously put in a lot of hard work on your yard.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Shirley, yep, it is her love and she is good at it too.

The_Gertster said...

That is too COOL! I am proud of both of you! You for the picture! and HER for her yard!