Friday, April 11, 2008

I love it when... best friend finds the time to blog. The name of her blog is "Too Busy To Blog" and that's the truth. She is a working mom of an active 7 year old the wife of a VERY VERY active 40 something year old. But every once in a while, when she can have a few minutes for herself she blogs. And I love it. And for the last few days that has been what she has been doing. From the scriptures she shares that bring her comfort, to the beauty of her revealing the very sensitive and wonder person she is. Like her love of birds (even a tiny sparrow ), to the picture she snaps with her phone of a pack of dogs napping on the lawn of the bank. (I am serious).
The other day she put a poem on her blog for me to let me know she will be here for me through my surgery. Also because she knows how stubborn and independent I am and knows I'd rather suffer than ask for help.
Anyway soon she'll get lost in the other things she loves to do with her family and church but in the meantime I am so loving it.
Love ya, Steph!

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The_Gertster said...

Thank you, Robbin! I've enjoyed having some time to myself to BLOG! Its been FUN!