Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings on Wednesday

Wow, I can't believe I've not blogged since Sunday. Monday was such a challenging day at work that I chose not to blog that day as I try to stay focused on positivity and Monday was such a hard day, I pretended it didn't happen. Nothing terrible, just associate issues, customer issues, just a hard day. Stressful. I was glad when it was over.

Yesterday was much calmer but I guess I was tired and went to sleep really early, and so although I read other blogs and came to mine, I didn't write. I usually do a Tuesday Ramblings post before I take conference call but for some reason, I think I was still getting over Monday, I didn't. So we'll ramble today.

And so now it is already Wednesday. And I'm off. And I'm off tomorrow too. That is the reward for working on Sunday, getting two days off during the week. Getting them off in a row is like my weekend in the middle of the week. When you work retail, that is the way it is.

It is going to be a beautiful day but there is a chance of rain, 50% in fact and I'm cool with that. I love rainy days too.

I am feeling pretty good right now, but because of my health issues I know it will be short lived and so I'm going to take advantage of it while I do feel good and get some things done around here to get ready for my surgery.

Did I tell you my son is coming from Washington after my surgery? He is such a sweetie and by him doing that, I won't have to stay at my mother's house as long and can come to my own home where I will be much happier. My mother is not all that good at caring for someone who isn't well. I know this first hand you see, she raised me. She can't help it, bless her heart, it is just the way it is. And so with Matthew coming the week after, he'll help me at home for a week or so and that is going to be great. He's a good boy. My mother was a little put out when she heard he was coming, she didn't understand at all but said, "Well, we'll enjoy him while he's here of course." (She made this statement in front of my best friend and Steph said she almost said, "Well he is coming because he loves his Mama of course and wants to be here for her.") It's all part of knowing my mother and I'm used to it. Just interesting for sure.

Alrighty then, that is about it for me today. Hope you have a great day!


Chellie said...

We have a lot in common right now! my mom is such a bad care taker, that she will not be one. my dad raised me! Anyway, with my dad being old now, my brother is coming to take care of me whenever my surgery may be. Thank goodness for those boys! :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

We do indeed Chell, hope your day is going good. My son is a sweetie for sure and I'm glad you have your brother.