Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Changes From Within

I was awaken around four A.M. by heavy wind and rain. It only lasted a little while but it scared my poor little dog to death. She hates bad weather. She's not always been that way, just something that has developed in her older years.
I have a dentist appointment just for a cleaning this morning and I also need to go to the laundry mat but because I have tomorrow off too, I may put that off until tomorrow. We'll see.
I don't feel like myself lately. I'm not sure what it is exactly or how to explain it except that I feel like I'm in some sort of stage of metamorphosis. And I guess that makes sense after the things I've experienced. It is not a bad feeling but one of uncertainty as if I don't know who exactly I'll be when I come out of the other end. It feels like one of those rides at the fair where your back is against the wall and you are spinning and the floor sinks down. I seem to think more before I take a step or say a word. It is really weird. Just part of my life's journey I guess. I'll just hold on tight and see where it leads me.


Memaw's memories said...

And you just thought you were finished with this crazy ride.

I haven't talked to enough chemo survivors to know if they went through anything like what you are experiencing.

Might be a good question to ask your dr.

Just hang on. You will be a whole new person when all this is finished.

How soon are you planning to make your move to be near your son?

That may have a part in your feelings too.

I'm still keeping you in my prayers.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Shirley, planning on moving in April. I'm ready too!

Mary Timme said...

Bless you sweetie. I think it takes a while to make any change. And we all feel the metamorphosis if we are sensitive to it, even for little things. You've had huge things in your life, lately.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hi Mary, it is weird for sure and maybe I do just think too much, but things are changing for sure inside and out.