Saturday, January 24, 2009

Traveling West

Matthew and I are looking forward to driving back west together. He described it as "a liberating pilgramage west". Of course our wagon will be a small U haul truck but we can pretend huh? Jonathan made that drive twice. He was my wild child remember and the first time he drove out he called me often and would say, "Oh Mama, I wish you could see this!" And so I hope he knows that I will finally get to see some of the things he saw.
Matthew has dreamed of me doing it too, and we always have such a good time together so I know it will be a once in a life time thing and we hope to make the most of it.
And we'll have it a little easier than the original pioneers. Here's what they had to take with them.
"They would take as many supplies as they could with them. Some of the the food they would take included: yeast for baking, crackers, cornmeal, bacon, eggs, dried meat, potatoes, rice, beans, and a big barrel of water. The pioneers might even take some chocolate for special occasions. They would also take a cow if they had one. They would use it for milk and meat. Pioneers made their own clothing so they brought cloth to sew, needles, thread, pins, scissors, and leather to fix worn-out shoes. They had to make their own repairs so they brought saws, hammers, axes, nails, string and knives. " (from this site.)


Mary Timme said...

Ah, and the land in the picture is where I grew up and went to school and lived. yep, I'm a kid of the Great Plains states with a western edge always. I'm so glad we aren't going across to the west in wagons anymore!

Me Maw said...

Be sure and take lots of pictures along the way and post them! Any idea when you will be going? Sounds exiciting!

Memaw's memories said...

I've often wondered how they got all that into their wagons. I love reading books about pioneer travels, and read a series of 4 books a few months back.

And just read one by Ann Ross called the Pilgramage that was about a wagon train.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Hey you all, yep, traveling west back then was rough but what an adventure!