Friday, January 23, 2009


My mind is spinning, my thoughts have been consumed with just how I can afford to take a year off when I move. Nothing is easy as you know and it turns out my company pays a lot more for their part of our group policy which means Cobra for me would be way expensive. And because I've had Cancer, getting private insurance is not so easy and if I do could be quite expensive.
I can't take the chance of getting caught without health insurance. And so, I'm trying to get back on track of realizing I need to try and stay with the company and transfer. But even that doesn't seem that possible. There is really nothing so close that I wouldn't be commuting for quite some time each day. So, that is why my mind is spinning you see.
I know it will all work out but in the meantime the stress my boss is putting on me because of low sales is not helping. She is concerned I'm not doing all I can be doing to bring in business.
I am just a mess right now.


Memaw's memories said...

Doesn't your boss know we are in a recession? People aren't spending for even necessities unless they have to.

Hang in there. It will all work out.

Marge said...

I haven't had much online time lately, but want you to know I think of you often. And I pray that a solution will turn up for you. I know you need to move.....that's a given. And to start off with your son and daughter-in-law sounds like a wonderful idea. But I'm sure the whole insurance and job thing is making you nervous right now. Put it all in God's hands. He'll see you through.

Just as I know he'll be with my son who is the VP of a company that is going under, and he was told yeterday that he's done on February 1. He is a good man with his priorities in the right place. He sends his sons to a Christian school and his wife is at home and doing volunteer work for the school and church. They will be okay. And I'm sure he'll have another job soon. But it sure is scary to think about! Us mom's never give up worrying about our kids, do we. He is 41!

God bless you Robbin. Your mind will find the right decision. I hope it's soon!

Mary Timme said...

We are a nation in an economic crunch. I'm not surprised that sales are down. Everyone, everywhere I go seems to say the same. There is very little money left over for fun stuff and it isn't likely to change soon.

It will come when the time is right! Change that is! Stand steadfast!

linda said...

when you mentioned cobra, I winced, knowing that can be pricey...what about disability? have you thought of using that as a way to live well enough without needing to work so you can get moved and settled? I know it''s hard to qualify but once you do, and you will if you want to because of your dx , you might not need to even worry about working much...just a thought I hope helps!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Robbin; Hubby and I checked out Cobra, and yes that are very expensive. So I am so glad with his new job that we have ins. he pays a lot for. It is a very harsh world we are living in now, but the Lord will see us through, I will keep you in my prayers. Trust in Him and he will guide you to that perfect place.

Big Big Hugs;

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks everybody for your comments and encouragment. It will all work out, I just know it.