Friday, January 02, 2009

Don't Do Today what You Can Put off 'til Tomorrow??

I'm so weird today. I can't say I'm nervous, or restless. It is more like I have Attention Deficit Disorder. Umm, maybe I do have ADD but for me it means A Disorganized Disaster. Things have piled up around me, some things I need, some not so much. But I have no motivation to get going on trying to organize any of it. I have to you know. I'm moving in a few months. There, I said it out loud and matter of factly. I'm moving. I've moved before. Let's see, in my life time I can tell you how many times I've moved. Exactly eight times. Mostly within the same area and the furthest was about 60 miles since I was an adult. Probably around 250 miles when my parents divorced and my mother and I ended in South Georgia.
Moving is a great way to not get cluttered down in junk. Unless you are like my grandmother was who just moved her junk from one place to the next.
At any rate I have got to get a plan going here. Being sick for six months didn't help. I let things pile up. Plus if you live out in the country and you have to haul your stuff off and you don't have a truck or a man, it is hard. For sure it is.
And so, today I just feel a bit overwhelmed but I'll work through it.
It is a beautiful day outside and Sweetie and I have spent some of the morning out in the sunshine. It is almost 70 degrees right now. (see I told you I was easily distracted today!)
So is my life for now, today I'm planning in my head but pretty soon this planning has to be put into action. Time is marching on you know. SO stop procrastinating, ROBBIN! Maybe I'll just play like Miss Scarlett and worry about it all tomorrow! Hush Mammy!


Mary Timme said...

Just do a little bit today and there will be that much less to do tomorrow. That is how I usually t r y to look at it. One of my favorite mottos is: "You can only do what you can do!" I'd be in so much trouble without that one.

The_Gertster said...

Tell me, What CAN we do to get Motivated?!?!? At least you are moving! That's "something"---I have all these great ideas, and then when I have a little time off, I dont want to do ANY of them! I have to say in DEC. I got a good start, I have some boxes to take and give to charity---Thats an ACCOMPLISHMENT for me!!! Maybe we need to help EACH other---but that would mean we need to have the same days off! (HA!)

Me Maw said...

I'm not moving anywhere and I still have tons of stuff to do. But I don't like cleaning house anymore or cooking or washing what is one to do? LOL!

I want to play at my computer and read books and take walks or or travel somewhere...

Is that a bad thing?

Blessings Robbin, please when you get moved post some pictures. Washington is a place I have not gotten to visit but would love to...Oregon as well!

Tammy said...

Hi Robbin, I know we just chatted but I read what I'd missed anyway. That thing your mom does sounds more like a dimentia type thing than a "I'll tick off Robbin" thing. I don't know your mom but I'd take step dad aside and check in on any other behaviors she is unaware of.

2009 is the first day of the rest of your healthy life. Of course you would feel it after the horrible year you have had.

Get packing! lol

May 2009 bring you much joy and love. XXOO

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Good idea, Mary, I'll remember that advice.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I am going to need your help for sure Steph, we'll make a haul to Feed America Store or something.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Memaw, I'll make a photo journal of the move. Matthew and I are driving back with a little U haul and a trailer for my car so that should be interesting for sure. AND all those things you'd rather do, me too, those are the things I do.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Tammy, it is just the way she is. She is pretty sharp in other ways, but she's done me this way for a while, discounts what I say but if someone else says it she agrees. Who knows!