Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Weekend of Work

I can't seem to reach a nice balance in my work life at the moment. I don't know what's more stressful, being not busy at work or actually being busy. We've been slammed for the last two days, all week really but especially Thursday and Friday. And that's a good thing unless your payroll has been cut and you are short at least one person during this time. But somehow we manage even if I do feel like I've been hit by a Mac truck when I get home. And I know my fellow associates feel the same way. I sort of over did it on Thursday and paid for it yesterday but this morning I feel much better. Looks like it's either famine or feast lately for us.
It's cold here this morning. I at least don't have to go in until 10:30 today.
It's my whole weekend to work, so I don't get a day off until Wednesday but then I have next weekend off and my plans are to get some stuff packed up.
A couple of people who had crossed Jonathan's life path crossed mine this week. One was the appartment manager where he'd lived for about six months a few years ago. He came in as a customer and asked me how my son was. It took me a minute to realize who he was and then I had to tell him about Jonathan. The other was a person he'd attended kindergarden with. She has quite a unique name and he used to accidently bring her work home, and we'd kid him that she was his girlfriend. It would make him so mad, but time after time he'd have her work in his book bag. Low and behold she came in and made an appointment yesterday and though she had no idea, memories of that little boy, so cute and sweet flooded my mind.
And that's about all I know at this point in my life. I'm just biding time I guess and ready to get on with the next part.
Hope your weekend is a good one.

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Mary Timme said...

Well, You sound more happy and content when you are slammed at work. Packing is always a good way of moving forward even if it feels like you aren't!