Saturday, May 16, 2009

Breakfast Served at Six Thirty

Today we are going to a parade. And not just any parade. It is an Armed Forces Day Parade and here in Bremerton it is the largest and longest running one in the country. There's a bunch of marching units and bands and even Pearl Harbor Survivors! How cool is that?
Haleigh, Amy and I will just walk to the parade, it starts at ten. I've not seen a parade in years and I'm sure I've never seen one this big before in person ever.
Matthew has to work but he'll be there too, working.
Haleigh woke up very early this morning and woke up the household around six thirty, making me a breakfast of toast, whether I was ready or not, lol. It is funny to me and I got up and made coffee to get the toast down with. She is excited about he parade too.
AND then there's the weather. It is just beautiful and should be that way the whole weekend. One of those days where Mt. Rainier shows its whole self in all its glory.
I hope you have a good weekend wherever you may be.


Mary Timme said...

When our son was little we lived in Sarnia, Ontario while Canada was celebrating its centennial. We went to parades ever weekend in the summer it seemed.

When both children were smaller we went downtown to the big parades of Memorial Day, St. Patricks Day and Labor Day and something in the winter every year. Oh, yeah, we went down for the lights on the City-County Building downtown. It was great fun and I love parades.

Tammy said...

You live near water with a beautiful new yard and you're eating healthy. Not to mention hiking/tulips/parades and breakfast in bed. I'd say this was the best idea EVER.

I'm so so happy for you! Much love.