Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Surprise Hike

Matthew was off yesterday and so he asked me if instead of taking my regular walk which is around and around the park I wanted to go on another little hike. So that is what we did. This trail leads to a beach, a rocky secluded one and the tide was going to be out that afternoon so he says, "We'll take our rubber boots."
The weather was not so great all day but if there's one thing I've learned about Washington it is not to let the weather stop your plans. It could be pouring down rain one minute and the sun shining the next. So the fact that it rained on us the whole drive to a town called Seabec didn't bother me too much.
I got to use my new backpack for the first time. It is wonderful, very comfortable. It is amazing what you can put in there and carry on your back, even put a pair of rubber boots in a little elastic section! It was still raining as we parked but after a little while it slowed down enough for us to start and we could see blue sky ahead through the trail.
The rain just made all the wild plants so much greener and more fragrant. It made the broken limps look like polished wood. There were wild Rhododendrons, wild ferns and about a million other things I have no idea what was. The trail there was mostly down hill and when we reached the beach it was just beautiful. We couldn't really see the mountains in the background but the fog was pretty and we had a good time uncovering little crabs from under rocks, picking up shells and rocks.
I learned the hard way that the mud in places is like quick sand and so we laughed as the mud sucked my boots in and I just stepped right out of them, getting my socks socked and muddy!
The hike back was completely uphill and I huffed and puffed but made it back up and this morning I am feeling those muscles that got a work out. I loved it once again.
This one is called Guillemot Cove Nature Reserve.

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Mary Timme said...

Oh, it looks lovely except for the rain. I don't feel comfortable in rain at all. I lived in Lebanon, Oregon one winter for 9 weeks and it was the longest and coldest 9 weeks of my life. I hated it can you tell.

It is so neat you don't let it stop you. I'm proud of you.