Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Down on the River

This is the lodge we stayed at this past weekend. There was a river running right beside it. There was a wood burning stove and a cute little old Hotpoint fridge. Also a Mr.Coffee and a Blender straight out of the sixties. The beds were wonderful and the view was great. There was a little wagon in the shelter to carry your stuff up to the room.
It was just perfect.
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Mary Timme said...

We were having a 'Seattle week' here and today it is supposed to clear off. I sure hope so. I'm printing pictures of desert Jack Rabbits as my next drawing/maybe scratchboard project. I think this looks like an idyllic place for a get away weekend.

Rapunzel said...

Beautiful pics, so cozy & inviting!

Chellie said...

What a beautifully peaceful place. This is the type of place I imagine in my head for relaxation.