Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Sod Story of the Back Yard

The back yard has been a true work in progress every since the kids first moved here. They've fought a big blackberry bush and thought it had won but finally Amy thinks it is gone. They've thrown rocks out, they've stacked rocks, they've had dirt hauled in and Matthew has learned the art of dirt tamping. And now finally they are ready to get some grass.
The sod came this morning and I'm excited. I've never seen anyone lay sod before, I've never experienced an instant yard. So these are the before pictures....

This is the sod, patiently waiting on its new home.

And these are pictures of our little salad garden which Amy is in charge of. We have high hopes!

And a very pretty Rhododendron in the corner of the yard.

Matthew got off early to work on the yard and I'll have "after" pictures too.
Hope your day is a good one!

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Mary Timme said...

Ah-ha! I have kids who are in the landscaping business. When we are having wet years, they put in sod and when it gets dry for awhile every body does xeriscaping with lots of rocks and interesting formations. That keeps the kids in business. So I'm a master of having hauled and tamped and water in an instant yard many times. Everyone should Xeriscape here as we are a high near desert/grassland.