Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The bad thing is it is also my long day at work. But my dear son gets off earlier than me tomorrow and he is going to move the heavy stuff and Amy is going to take some stuff over in her vehicle. I am determined to sleep there tomorrow. I am off Friday so I can get stuff put away then.
I took some stuff over tonight and unpacked the microwave and some dishes I had bought. I'll take pictures I promise!


Marge said...

It's hhhheeeerrrrrrrreeeeeee!!!!!!!
Moving day, that is. Sorry you have to work all day, but that won't stop your excitement now that the house is yours!

Thinking of you today!

Deborah said...

I found your blog along some rabbit trail, when the title caught my eye. Just thought I'd let you know I stopped in and snooped around. I loved the story behind your title.

The_Gertster said...


Debra said...

So happy and excited for you Robbin! Congrats on the house and job and all that is going so well. Such good news.

Welcome back to blog land!


Robbin said...

Hi Debra, nice to see you! Thank you.