Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to work today after being off yesterday.  Today the Dr. is leaving a little bit early so my late afternoon until closing could be a little slow.  I like it better of course when the Dr. is booked and we are super busy but this little store is seldom really ever super busy. 
   Because I'm not the manager in this store and the manager is on maternity leave, I'm having a hard time not rearranging things, I was so used to being able to doing that.  The back room is pretty much a mess and they never even vacuumed very much.  I dug the vac out and cleaned it up and found bags for it and have  been cleaning more and more every night.    They seldom see their district manager so keeping the store as clean as I am used to keeping one is not a priority with them.  So that is all different.  Customer service is important to them though so we share that and for that I am glad.
   After I got the key to my house late afternoon yesterday, I waited until the land lady was on the ferry back to Seattle and I went to look at the house alone so I could really look.  She is still working on it so there are tools everywhere but I wanted to take it all in and find the light switches and look in the closets and well, just see it again.  It is really cute. I can hardly wait to be there!


Aisling said...

Since I'm on a blogging hiatus myself, I missed all your recent posts until just now. Now that you are blogging again, I will make a point to check more often. All of your current news is exciting. :)

Marge said...

And I can't wait for pictures of your new place! How exciting for you!

Robbin said...

Oh hi Aisling, yes, it is amazing what a job will do for you, lol.
And Marge, I can't wait to post them so you can see.