Sunday, August 29, 2010

Life Is So Expensive

  Ok, I've got the electricity in my name, (a big deposit I have to pay, OUCH!), ordered the Direct TV, using the family and friends plan which got me and Matthew 100 bucks off our bills.  I've called Waste Management about garbage pick up, and changed my address.  And I did this all on line, I so love the Internet. I bought a $39 microwave from Walmart today and a broom and dust pan and a few odds and ends to set up housekeeping.  I'm trying hard to stretch my dollars as best I can.

   Haleigh and I just went to the house to check on the progress she made on the house today and it looks to me like all she has to do is clean up and get her tools out.  SO that is a good thing.  I've not heard from her at all.

   I watched the Emmy Awards and now I'm about ready for sleep. Haleigh's parents are out tonight and she is suppose to be in her room watching a movie but that's not happening at the moment.
Grandma's a pushover.

So,  Starting a new week but by next weekend I will be in my little house.

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