Monday, August 23, 2010

Starting from Scratch

It's Monday morning and that means I call my mother. But some Mondays she works and I'm suppose to call her cell. And that means sometimes she is able to answer and sometimes she can't. This morning she couldn't I guess as I tried three times and never got her.
Since I'm working now, we have a hard time with that sometimes. And for some reason I'm not allowed to just randomly call her, she has to give me a special time. Who knows!
I am counting the days until I get to move into my little house. The lady renting me the house called it "a darling little cottage" in the ad. It is kinda cute. I have to start from scratch with furniture as I left everything I had in Georgia. So I found a really good used couch that I hope is still there at good St.Vincent's today. And a little round dining room table at Goodwill. It is kinda fun.
And so now I must start getting ready to go to work. And it feels so good to say that.


Marge said...

Yahoo! Robbin is back! I check your blog every day knowing that when you were ready you would be back, and I didn't want to miss your return! It sounds like you are happy and that makes me happy. So, a job and a move to your own place. How exciting! I'm so glad it's close enough for Haleigh to come see you often. I'll bet she's going to miss you.

So glad you're back. Tell us all about your new place and your job.

Blessings my friend!

Robbin said...

Oh, thank you Marge. I'm so glad you kept checking.