Friday, October 24, 2008

I Got a Surprise

I had to go to get my shot this morning and when I got there my Angel Nurses had a surprise for me. They gave me a teddy bear and we had sparkling grape juice and a very sweet card with a very sweet note. It was so sweet. They both had their bracelets on too, so that was cool.
It is a cold rainy day and I'm home the rest of the day and since I've been wide awake since two this morning, I'm going to try and sleep. So far, so good with the way I feel. That shot will cause me pain and since I am on the blood thinner, I can't take Alieve anymore so I have a narcotic and it zonks me out but I am not taking it until I have pain. I hate them, hate the feeling they give me but they take care of the pain for sure.
I'll take a picture of my Teddy Bear later, I like him much better than the clown they gave me first.


linda said...

Robbin, I am so glad it's almost over now...I haven't been around for a few days so read what your last few days have been like... tears reading this, knowing what people must sometimes go through to survive and also the angels who choose to help, it's very inspiring and moving...I look forward to seeing your teddy bear (almost wrote teddy!)and am glad you are keeping your skies blue :)

blessings you sleep peacefully this weekend without too much pain...

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thank you so much Linda, it is a long road and a hard journey so thank goodness for special angel nurses. I hope you are feeling better and I appreciate you always checking on me. Yep, I'll show my Teddy bear soon. Love ya bunches, take care, Love Robbin