Friday, October 10, 2008

I usually try to answer each of your comments but because each of you in the last few days have been so alert to the fact that I'm having a hard time, I wanted to sent a special post to all of you.
It has been rough, and each message you've left me has filled my heart with such joy and thankfulness. Just to know that you'd take the time from your busy lives to leave me notes of encouragement and love, overwhelms me so much.
I think I'm a little better today but if I still can't eat or drink too much, I have the option of going in and getting some fluids and as the day goes by, we'll see if I do that. I was able to eat a tiny bit of real food yesterday and I'm drinking some but for the first time during all this I've experienced nausea. I've been able so far not to actually throw up, but the feeling is there at times and so far I have a pill that helps instantly. I've had those pills since the beginning but have hardly had to take them until the last few days. The real danger is of course, is getting dehydrated.
Anyway, treatment number five will go down so far as being my worse but I am hanging in there and feel a new strength today that I've not had in the last few days. Thank you again for being here for me. Your understanding of my feelings when I don't even really tell you is uncanny to me and all I can say is what wonderful friends I have all over this country.
So, keep the prayers and good thoughts and candle lighting and all you got for me, it does so help. You will never know how much.


Sage said...

Robbin, dear. You are so strong, so brave, and you have such a great attitude. I am amazed at your ability to handle this trial. And I am so proud of you for bouncing back each time and heading right back into battle. You go girl!

You are in my thoughts, in my prayers, and my heart. Bless you.

linda said...

lighting my creamy lovely milk candle, whose fragrance is gently healing...just for you, dear woman..

I am sorry you are nauseated to such a degree and would suggest you take the meds and try to keep up your fluids because dehydration can become such a problem, it's hardly worth the risks. Or have the IV if they are suggesting it as they know best what will be most helpful.

many many blessing on you for the weekend and next week as well.

Tammy said...

No, thank you for sharing your journey. Your bravery in telling us about cancer has been eye opening and important.


I LOVE you!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Robbin; I am so proud of you, you have such courage and strength, the Lord is giving you. Lean on him for his healing and loving power. I am praying for you dear friend. Please keep trying to drink. By that I mean Water... ha ha Hope you have a good weekend.

God Bless;

Jenn said...

Robin, I hope that this posted prayer will be okay..can't pray in person..wanted to voice it for you..

My Lord,
In this moment of vast weakness,
Hear our whisphers for strength
I ask the Holy Spirit to rain a covering of peace on Robin
Oh, my Lord, gather her heart in your hand to soothe as only a Savior could
My Lord, May you send legions of angels to dwell amongst her
Make your voice a soothing tenor in her ears
Heed O Lord our prayers for your strength in this season of weariness
Fill her trembling hands with your warming love and grace
Sweet Jesus I ask thee, Amen

Chellie said...

Hi Robbin=

I'm thinking of you alot as you are about to cross the finish line. Hang in and take good care of yourself. Just do the basics if you have to. Chomp on some ice chips and rest. You are making it! Love you!

Aisling said...


I'm with you all the way. I wish this support group could be there for you in a more physical way, but I know we have you covered in prayer and good wishes.

love and hugs,

Me Maw said...

Robin...although I have been away, Jenn has kept me updated.

We visited St. Patricks Cathedral yeaterday and I thought of you while there.

Surely, daylight is just around the corner for you.

Blessings, peace all good.

Tammy said...

Thinking of you! XXOO