Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm Still Here

Ok, well, maybe all those sweet pictures did it, or maybe I forgot the dance steps of this Chemo thing. Sometimes, one step forward, two steps back, but yesterday was a bad day. I forget that you can't say "OH, I feel pretty good today, tomorrow will be even better!" Nope, not the way it works for me. But I got through it, I made it, that day is behind me and this morning, so far so good. I am very shaky, ready to jump out of my skin, but Xanax helps that. My head is a little clearer, but still I don't really feel like I'm living in the moment. It is hard to explain, just weird. I'm plagued with other things not so pleasant to talk about so I won't and my appetite just doesn't seem to exist, not even for brownies!
But I got through yesterday and the day before that and that's saying something!
I had to got get a blood test this morning for the blood thinner thing. My mom took me and I actually am not worn out, (ok, a little tired) but I'm thankful I didn't have to do it yesterday.
MY next and last treatment is this coming Tuesday. I think they have it figured out just how much they can give you until they kill you.
And so that's all I got today. I'll be glad for the day when I can post and not mention Cancer or Chemo, or feeling bad. And I thank all of you for always checking in on me and for offering your prayers.


Sage said...

We, too, will be happy when you are feeling better and you can put this whole cancer thing behind you and get on with life. I continue to be amazed by your strength and your will to survive this.

My thought is that next Tuesday we should have a blog wide toast to Robbin, survivor of chemo, bravest of the brave, and dearest friend. You are so important to so many people and everyone is praying for you. I hope you feel the prayers.

Love and blesings,

Sage said...

"Blessings". My S doesn't work!

Me Maw said...

ditto and ditto to what Sage said.

I'm pouring up my toast right now!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Ah, you guys! That will be awesome! I wish you lived close, we'd have a party for sure!