Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In Memory of George

Today because I was early to treatment, I got my choice of recliners. It was probably the only one I'd not tried out before. A new location to people watch better. Some times I chose the one in the very back corner where you couldn't see anyone and they couldn't see you. But today I chose a middle one where I saw people coming and going. I heard people complaining and worrying. I saw people who were scared to death to begin Chemo and people who have been doing it for 6 years off and on. I saw lovely women come in whose hair was beginning to grow back, curly and seemed to be growing straight up and so beautifully white was one. Snow white. I thought she was beautiful.

And then I spent a lot of time remembering George. I have not a clue who he was so I had to imagine him. There is a very nice fish aquarium in the office and I sat a few feet from it. It is full of beautiful fish, happy fish, all sizes. On the bottom there is a plaque that simply states, "In Memory of George." I imagine George to have been a little on the elderly side, I imagine him a fighter. And I remembered him every time I look at the aquarium, even though I've not a clue if he was tall or short, thin or heavy, suffered a long time or not. All I know as I tried to imagine him was that he and I shared something. He left on to his next journey but not before leaving a beautiful aquarium with happy living fish. And I think that was pretty cool of him. Because I do remember you George, my fellow warrior, who may even at one time sat for hours in the very chair I sat in today. And I wish for you now all the peace you deserve , pain free and maybe, just maybe those happy fish hear you talk to them and it makes you smile to see them and I just know even though your family misses you, as they watched you slip away, they are proud to have left something in your memory to help cheer a place that can be pretty depressing sometimes. Yes, I will remember you George. I know you in my heart. And thanks for leaving behind a memory of yourself.


Me Maw said...

I'll be willing to bet George was a mighty warrior... are you!

Congratulations on completing your last chemo treatment!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Me Maw, maybe George will give me a little boost too. I am so ready! Have a good sleep.