Thursday, April 09, 2009

Decorating My Little Space

We're still putting some finishing touches on my room. Amy and I found pillows that matched perfectly.

Haleigh and I picked some daffodils for my window sill.
Today I am getting shelves put up so I can have room for some of my favorite things. Everything else I own in the world, (which isn't much) is packed away in what Matthew calls "big Tupperware things" and in the basement.

Yesterday while walking Sweetie in the park I saw one of the neighbors and she asked me if I was getting settled in. When I explained that I had left much of what I had in Georgia, she asked if I was a minimalist. I told her I guess I was now! But I've always liked things simple and clutter makes me feel cluttered so actually it is very liberating to be free of so much stuff!

Oh, and we got my horse pictures framed and they look so nice. I'm so proud of them.

I love my room as it is all about earth colors. My dresser is green, the walls are brown and it is so ME!
Thanks to my son and DIL for all the work and love they put into it. They know me well you see.
Hope you have a good Thursday wherever you are.


Memaw's memories said...

Love your room. And the park sounds wonderful. I know you and Sweetie will spend lots of time there.

Mary Timme said...

Wonderful. I know this new life is going to be a good, naw, make that a great one.