Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank Goodness For.........

...antibiotics for without them what would we do? Just this morning am I starting to feel almost normal again. And I slept through the night instead of getting up every two hours or so thinking I had to use the bathroom. So, I'm on the mend.
Amy and Haleigh and I may just go to the Tulip Festival tomorrow. The weather is suppose to be nice and if I continue to feel well, that is what we will do. I'm excited about that.
I am happy here. I've had a few moments in the last week or so when I've had to release some emotional stuff. The move in itself, and then actually getting here and then trying to find my place with the family has at times been a bit overwhelming. And I have to keep reminding myself to take one day at a time and not think about the future too much at this point. I need to just "be" for now. And I'm lucky I can do this right now at this point in my life. I do know I need to clear my brain, I need to get my bearings and I just need to take it nice and slow. And so I am right where I need to be right now, both physically and emotionally.
I miss everyone from work.
I've made it a point to call my mother every Monday morning.
And so that is how things are for now.
I am looking forward to a summer not full of 100 degree days. It will be wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

We MISS you, too..It is not the same without you.