Thursday, April 02, 2009


We had a nice view here at this hotel. We are up early, getting ready to start our day of travel. For someone like me who loves rocks and the Native American way of life, this trip has been a dream come true. I got to buy jewelry from the Navajo lady who made it. I've gotten to see rocks smoothed by years of time and I have seen first hand where the art and colors of the Southwest were inspired.
But now I am ready to get to my grandchild. I am ready to hear her laughter and feel her in my arms. After all, that and her parents are the reason for this trip, my destination.
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Memaw's memories said...

I love all the pictures you have posted. I forget about the Great Salt Lake, which, I guess, is the reason for the name of Salt Lake City.

I love to travel, but I love my destination best. I know you are getting excited.

Mary Timme said...

What a beautiful setting.

I'm liking going on this journey with you both. What a wonderful life and free time you're having now!