Wednesday, April 01, 2009

We Made It


We saw the Grand Canyon and it is true, pictures can't tell the story. You have to see it yourself and then you can hardly take it all in. It is breath taking.
We stayed the night in St. George, Utah which is where we still are this early morning.
We are headed to Salt Lake City today and then we will drive on to Washington. There is a storm system we are keeping our eyes on and may have to change our route accordingly.
We've had such a good time. Yesterday we also saw some more ruins of the Pueblo people. They are too cool. I'll post some pictures.
Anyway, that's it for now. Hope you are having a good week.
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Aisling said...


Thanks for all the travel updates. My hubby just made the trip in the other direction. He flew out to Arizona and then drove his mom back to the Great Lakes.

Glad things are going well!

love and hugs,

GreenishLady said...

That's so wonderful. What an adventure to be on with your son!

Memaw's memories said...

You have come so far, emotionally and physically, and what a trip you are on. I know you are your son are re-connecting in ways you never expected. Having him all to yourself has to belike having a little boy again.

Enjoy every minute you have together.

The picture of the painted desert is gorgeous.

Mary Timme said...

Isn't the Grand Canyon beyond description of any kind? I love it too. What a great trip you are having.

Marge said...

Yes! You got to see the Grand Canyon! It's a sight that everyone should see at least once in their life. Just like everyone needs to see the ocean and a mountain. I'm happy you are getting this opportunity with your Matthew. And I am getting so excited for you to get to Washington to hug your sweetie! Keep on enjoying your trip.

Be happy, be safe, and be blessed.