Saturday, April 25, 2009

Such a Good Day

Ok, so Matthew got off work at two and hurried home and picked Haleigh and me up. Amy had plans to go see a musical show and so she had to miss out on this trip but we have a long summer ahead.

I've never seen a waterfall for real before and so the trail we took led up to one.

This is the last part of the trail. It was only a little less than two miles round trip and a 300 foot climb. The water fall was 130 foot tall.

The waterfall took my breath away. It was so pretty. Pictures can't tell the whole story!
Matthew and Haleigh climbed down nearer to the waterfall.

And this is us at the end of the trail. I made it without dying, lol. I huffed and puffed but I made it!
This was the river, so pretty!

AND LOOK! I finally found that log cabin I've been looking for. What a peaceful place this would be to live!

On the way home we saw.........

A herd of Elk! They were beautiful.
We had such a good day. And I broke my hiking boots in!


Marge said...

Now that is my kind of day! I am so proud of you that you made it! Think of a year ago and how crappy you felt and how you could not have walked two miles then......but now you can!

So I guess now we have to call you Rockin' Robbin with two B's!!!!!!

Sending hugs and prayers.

Be blessed.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

LOL, well I guess so Marge, but watch out, I'm just getting started. But I did think of that, in fact just six months ago I couldn't do what I did yesterday. It is amazing!
Love ya!

The_Gertster said...

GREAT PICS!!! I LOVE the one of Matthew and Haleigh!!! So glad you are feeling so good and can do things like this!!! So glad you are LIVING your LIFE!!!! =o)
Love ya!!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Thanks Steph. Love and miss ya!